Saturday, August 23, 2008

LIVE RESULTS -- TCH Surfers Open 2

SurfWatch is reporting live from TCH Estates on the TCH Surfers Open surfing competition -- Starting Saturday 23 August 2008 from 1215 hrs Second Life Time (SLT or PDT) or 1915 hrs GMT.


This is the third TCH Surfers Open surfing competition to be held at TCH Estates, but numbering started after the inaugural 4th July event, so this is Surfers Open 2! Today's event takes place on an Epic wave with no restriction on surf board makes or scripts. 16 surfers are expected to take part in 8 heats. SurfWatch will post the competition heat draws, semi finals results and finals results only for the TCH Surfers Open.

SurfWatch Results is also available on the mobile (cellular) Internet via SurfWatch Mobile.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

TCH heat draws posted

By Socks Clawtooth, Senior Furry Correspondent.

Dawn patrol at Saba Island

TCH Enterprises has posted the heat draws for this weekend's TCH Surfers Open, which starts on Saba Island at 12.15 hrs SLT (19.15 hrs GMT) Saturday 23 August 2008. The event is unique in that it pits two surfers against each other in a bracket format. Riders are judged by the spectators, with a popular vote determining who advances to the semi-final heats.

Spectators are welcome to watch from the sundeck of the TCH Enterprises building.

Here are the heat draws for the competition:


Socks Clawtooth

Wilfrid DeCuir


Kim Hening

Crusader Arado


Forq Hamer

Kimmy Leroux


Bobbi Laval

Colleen Brennan


Rachelle Seetah

Pova Rustamova


WickedV Carver

Immortelles Ames


Abel Halderman

Locksley Blitzstein


Aspen Parx

Desirea Beaumont

Notes: The heats draw and timings are always subject to last minute changes.

Surfers contact: ATown Fall

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SLURL: Surf City (Competitors and Spectators)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Surf HUD enables classic surfer poses

HUD designer and programmer Locksley Blitzstein and animator Rayzer Haggwood launched a new HUD for Second Life surfers this week. A HUD (or 'Heads-Up Display') is a special kind of Second Life avatar attachment that is used to provide information displays, controls or can be scripted to provide functionality for your avatar. The Hang 10 Surf HUD has been designed to allow surfers to replace static animations that come with most Second Life surfboards with a choice of dynamic surfing animations.

"We've been working on the Surf HUD for a month or so," said Locksley, who is also a Rip Curl Pro Surfer. "Rayzer and I got introduced, put heads together and came up with the ideas for the HUD. I love it when surfers can pull a real looking hang ten off!"

The Hang 10 Surf HUD currently has four surfing stances to choose from: curl, glide, flying eagle and hang ten. Each surfing stance is animated. So, for example the hang ten animation has your avatar walking to the end of the board to stand in the hang ten pose (see Kimmy Leroux testing the new HUD in pic above).
'Curl' and 'glide' are regular surfing stances that can be used to replace the default surfboard animation such as standing and crouching.

Word has it that the new Hang 10 Surf HUD will be allowed at this weekend's TCH Surf Open, but don't expect to see flying eagles at SLSA competitions anytime soon. "It is a fun addition to surfing," said Colleen Brennan, SLSA director and ranked number three in last season's table. "However, the HUD is not SLSA competition legal and probably won't be, at least
for the current season."

The Hang 10 Surf HUD is available via automated vendors at a number of locations including April Island, Chi Island, Majini Island, TCH Estates and Boneyard.

Photo credit: Lollypop Congrejo

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New wing board under wraps

SurfWatch can now reveal that a new wing surfboard is presently under wraps and is expected to be brought to market during the coming few weeks. It seems that co-owner of Reaction Radical Twang himself has been burning the midnight oil modeling the new board shape, which will have a swallowtail, a single winglet towards the end of each rail and two new graduated sculpty fins on each side.

Wing-shaped boards and a quad fin system are typically used to provide exceptional maneuverability, equally useful for difficult conditions or to crank off radical carves and turns. The combination of the wing shape and quad fin works to decrease drag on the underside of the board and increase the efficiency of the fins. SurfWatch understands that the board's scripts are currently being tweaked for faster, nimbler turning, as is the shape and weight of the board for the same reason.

Reaction is apparently working on a completely new shape, which is likely to compare in length to Big Dawg's shortboard, or perhaps a little shorter.
The new Reaction wing may well turn out to be the quickest, most responsive board in Second Life when its finished, although we'll have to wait a few weeks to find out.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wilfrid DeCuir tops new table

Ranked just 18th place in the first 2008 Season, Wilfrid DeCuir's win at the SLSA Reaction Shortboard Pro Surfing Competition at Boneyard on Saturday puts him at the top of the new season's table. The surfer's Season I was patchy to say the least, with Wilfrid only competing at just two events, but taking 4th place at Surfline in April and 7th place at El Corazon in June. Wilfrid's first win of the year was at a non-SLSA event, the inaugural TCH Surfers Open on 4th July weekend at TCH Estates.

"I'm totally stoked," said Wilfrid after his Boneyard win (see pic right). "I was glad I made the finals and that heat had excellent surfers all around. I had an excellent 'wave one', bellied the second, poofed a wave with my third and managed to paddle to a fluffy and I think I also had a small belly with my fourth wave, so I figured I was placed somewhere between 3rd and 5th. After it was all over and the scores came out, I said to myself -- ok I'm not 6th and so on, then cool, cool I made 3rd, no, ok 2nd, and then they announced Desi with 2nd place, it was like, OMG I won this!"

Meanwhile, Desirae Beaumont's second place at Boneyard earns here the number two spot in the new table, exactly where she left off last season. Desirae had a slower start to 2008 Season I, beginning with a 15th place in the first SLSA event of the year at Majini Island, but she put in strong performances at Surfline and Neart competitions later in the season, going on to clinch a big win at El Corazon at the end. Desirae also picked up a nice win at the TCH Surfers Open late July.

Wilfrid and Desirae are trailed by the Vibrations Surf Team's consistent VW Sands and SLSA newcomer Sunrize Mornington. Although last year's champion, Pova Rustamova, was knocked out in the semi-finals by VW and Sunrize, his seventh place still leaves him well positioned ahead of the next competition at Morant Cays. However, Wil's Team Tsunami team mates Colleen Brennan (third in Season I) and Abel Halderman (fifth in Season I) have some catching up to do, coming just 17th and 30th respectively at Boneyard.

The next Second Life Surfing Association surfing competition of the season takes place on an Epic wave break at Morant Cays on Saturday 20 September 2008.

Photo credit: Colleen Brennan

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wimbi wedding

VW Sands and Lissa Pinion on the big day (photo credit: Wilfrid DeCuir)

VW Sands may have finished in third place in the Reaction Shortboard Pro at Boneyard, but there were no doubts who Lissa Pinion thought was number one on Saturday!
Bishara Estate Manager, Vibrations Surf Team owner and surf legend of Majini Island VW Sands and his Bishara colleague Lissa Pinion tied the knot at a quiet wedding ceremony on Wimbi Island. We wish them all the best.

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