SurfWatch Staff: Tauri Tigerpaw


Tauri Tigerpaw joined SurfWatch in 2008 after Barchan Paderborn created it to cover Second Life (SL) surfing competitions and the quickly developing world around it.  He asked Tauri to help with Marketing and that turned into interviewing major players involved in SL surfing.  Later that year, he asked Tauri if she wanted to take on SurfWatch as he was returning to real life, and she jumped at the chance.

Tauri as Editor-in-Chief wanted to take SurfWatch to a broader audience also covering fashion, ocean life, SCUBA diving, sailing, and things of interest to SL surfers.  SurfWatch branched out into merchandising and video production and became the go-to for information on boards, waves, surfers, beach sims and events. With some stints in and out of SL over the years, SurfWatch was asked to reboot in 2017 to help generate waning interest in SL surfing, and we are proud to say we are better than ever!

Tauri also performs musically in SL with live performances of guitar and vocals.  You can usually find her in the SurfWatch office or at a SurfWatch outpost, out on a wave, singing at a benefit, concert or open mic, or playing with her dog, Kono, at a beach.

Tauri Tigerpaw Flickr: Tauri's Flickr
Tauri Tigerpaw Youtube:  PawzTigerpaw

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