SurfWatch Staff: Editor's Honor Roll

The following are no longer on staff, but SurfWatch would not be what it is today without their efforts:

Barchan Paderborn
Founding Editor

Barchan came up with the brilliant idea to cover Second Life (SL) surfing like a real life (RL) sporting event and started SurfWatch in 2008.  He returned to SL for SurfWatch's 2 Year Anniversary Celebration in 2010.

Ashleigh Dickins
In-World Edition Editor

Asheigh headed up the SurfWatch In-World edition using her creative genius to put together an in-world magazine that had the look and feel of a real magazine covering beach lifestyle.

Lissa Pinion
Managing Editor

Lissa managed SurfWatch from 2010/2011 while Tauri took an SL break, keeping the wheels turning and making sure SurfWatch stayed on top of all the SL surfing news.

Opal Rivers
Editor, Opal's Gems

Opal covered various surfing sims with Opal's Gems, dragging her surfboard to various beaches to share the highlights and cover the surf.

Mari Softley (Monentes)
Editor, Mari's Mailbag

Mari covered every issue from SL surf team dating to ethics in Mari's Mailbag as well as helping manage the video arm of SurfWatch.

Austin Novaland

Austin was responsible for the new sleek design of SurfWatch, as well as adding numerous touches of humor and creativity to the posts.  He created numerous logos for partners and events and also made unique SurfWatch items.

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