Saturday, February 9, 2008

SLSA Opens Hall of Fame

Inside the SLSA Hall of Fame building on La Bahia

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) inaugurated its Hall of Fame today, formally declared open by surfer and now president of the Hall of Fame, Ritch Goalpost, other SLSA speakers and Heather Goodliffe in a ceremony attended by SLSA board directors,
SLSA members and others on La Bahia. The SLSA aims to showcase the history of SL surfing and honour notable contributions to its development. Credited as the brainchild of Ritch, the Hall of Fame museums currently resides on La Bahia, however the SLSA plans to loan out replicar museums to surfing sims across Second Life.

Designed by Tightline Kidd and built by Yanieck Mariani, the Hall of Fame exhibits include images and biographies of SLSA and other Second Life surfing luminaries and a book on the history of SL surfing edted by Christine Daffodil. This year sees sixteen individuals inducted into the
inaugural Hall of Fame: Cierra Theriac, Colleen Brennan, Craig Stallion, Flynn Sheridan, Heather Goodliffe, Keala Mimistrobell, Kimmy Fitzgerald, Malcolm Sydney, Poid Mahovlich, Rani Decosta, Ritch Goalpost, Sally LaSalle, Seano Osumi, Sebastian Saramago, Thor Bishop and Tightline Kidd. In future years, the SLSA plans to induct the top two surfers in the SLSA's final point standings, plus two 'at-large' individuals who will be voted in by existing members of the Hall of Fame and the SLSA Board of Directors.

SLURL: SLSA Hall of Fame, La Bahia

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