SurfWatch Partner: One Love Beach

The group Soul Wave was created by JT Castanea in 2008 for the purpose of making a movie about surfing in Second Life (SL).

JT explains:
"I'd seen some videos on surfing and thought I'd like to try something like that.   Thor Bishop, Mick Lunasea and Robin Mapp were on board but the players kept changing due to real life comings and goings...R.I.P. Brother Thor."

"It was difficult to get folks together at the same time to do a project of that magnitude so the "movie" was scrapped and the group now is for members wishing to rez on the sim One Love Beach (OLB).  In it's current state, OLB is a surf sim created after the love of the Islands and the ocean.  It's been around in different machinations for about 7 years, but always a surf sim."

"The movie and the group was about all of us, our stories and our love for surfing in real life (RL) that we wanted to try and project in here", he elaborates.  "Soul Wave was fun even if it never came to's still about a culture, a way of life and the bonds that are made and the almost spiritual nature of surfing and that being our "church" in RL."
"When time, space and your full attention is focused on something so beautiful as a perfectly breaking wave there is a union of body and nature that can only be equaled to or explained as a spiritual experience."

"It is an absolute feeling of union  ...  that generates a path and a lifestyle which resonates and blends into the mystical system of our planet and our bodies.  We carry these as our hearts pump our life's blood and waves pound on the shores."

One Love Beach now hosts the Amazon Rain Forest with flora, fauna and wildlife to make you feel it come alive!

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