Monday, June 18, 2018

Caledon Oxbridge University Photography Students Surfing Photos

Submitted by Teddy Bear (atlasshrugged3) 

This week’s Photo Salon class discuss photography tools used to take pictures of moving objects.

After the lecture, the students had a field trip to One Love Beach to practice their new skills taking pictures of people Surfing.

Caledon Oxbridge student Maj. Gen. Badger arriving at One Love Beach 
The Oxbridge students class assignment was to photograph surfers in action!

Since surfing is so much fun in Second Life, some of the students simply blew off the class assignment and went surfing!

Here are photos of the student’s homework who did complete the assignment:

Oxbridge student Elli’s epic photo of host JT Castanea flying on a wave

Student Bram Watson’s photo of Oxbridge New Resident Assistance Gronk Seriman
Oxbridge student CC tremendous photo of JT Castanea

Student Ingonyama excellent photo of teaching assistant Gronk Seriman
Student Bram Watson’s photo of legendary Caledon resident Maj Gen Badger surfing in his Tuxedo
Student Krusty Koins majestic photo of professor Teddy Bear
After class, students gathered around the camp fire listening to Aquadoc & Mick Lunasea tell surfing stories

Special thanks to all the Surfing Models who made this class possible; Jax TremorMegs, Mick Lunasea & Aquadoc

Photo Salon is grateful to JT Castanea for hosting the Field Trip at One Love Beach and teaching the students how to surf.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

SurfWatch Wants You!

Interested in learning something new? Checking out the beaches?  Playing with video?  Trying your hand at writing?  Acting?  Photography?  Photoshop or Gimp?  Marketing?  Merchandising?
Then join our team!
SurfWatch is always looking for adventurers who want to have fun and share it!  
Contact Tauri Tigerpaw or Kantbe Thursday in SL