Happy Rez Day, Fearghus McMahon!

Happy Rez Day, Fearghus!

For more information about Fearghus, see:
Surfer's Bay Spotlight: Fearghus McMahon

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Banner Display at Tai Surfing Beach

Visit T'ai Surfing Beach and check out these and many more team banners on display along the shoreline:

T'ai Surfing Beach

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The Most Fun You Can Have On A Surfboard? Probably.

By Persia Bravin
Images: Jean Neymar

Crack open the beers. Wax up your best board. Grab your surfing friends – because we have breaking (wave) news here at SurfWatch.

Following on from his recent successful launch of brand new surfable waves, Jean Neymar (jeanquille) of Marina Bay Shop fame, has just added to his growing collection of waves with the addition of two versions called ‘Whoops’ and ‘Camel’.

Strange names for waves you might think…until you try them. Their names perfectly reflect the fun and furious ride you will have once you have mastered their movement, because these are surf waves unlike any ever seen before in Second Life ™

“I created these waves as a new idea for the surfing community.  All waves are surfable on one axis, but these new waves now have two axis to enable more tricks and a new style of surfing,” explains Jean, as I prepare to head out and test both waves at his sim, Nazamur.

I choose to combat ‘Whoops’ at first. This triple crested wave is a behemoth – but a beautiful surf once you get onto it and start to relax and enjoy the various wave faces and curves. The flattened wave bottom allows you to gather paddling speed just in time to mount the crest and the overall shape enables new tricks and a flowing surf motion. It was ‘love at first surf’ for me!

‘Camel’ is a double wave comprising a larger crest behind and a smaller, hump shaped wave upfront. This wave has flatter surface area and you really gain velocity surfing between the hump and the almost vertical back wave. I loved the whole ‘Camel’ experience too and would find it hard to choose which wave to have on my sim. I might just have to buy them both. Tier be damned!

I would say that both waves are for more experienced surfers. They might scare the bejesus out of novice surfers due to their unusual shape and flow and to really maximise your ride on both, you need to be familiar with your surfboard. But both waves would fit well on smaller surf runs and offer a compact yet exhilarating ride. They can be tested on Nazamur and both are now on sale in the beach shop.

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Catch a Break at Chi with Yoh and Ava

Submitted by Ava (Ava Bouvier) and Yoh Boa

A TP (teleport) down memory lane as we enter one of Second Life's (SL) longest established beach hangouts simply known as Chi. Yoh had to check his inventory LM (landmark) date for Chi and was shocked that his first visit was February 26, 2007, just two weeks into Yoh's 12 year journey in SL. Sally LaSalle, Chi's original owner and creator, was a pioneer in establishing one of SL's first surf destinations. Today you can still surf the Chi fluffies in the shadow of the Zen meditation mountain.  This combination of peaceful Zen surroundings in a chill surf environment makes Chi very unique.

Unlike Yoh, this was Avalon's first visit to Chi.  As we strolled around the shoreline, Avalon notice much of the charm and good Karma that many a surfer has enjoyed for years.

 Arriving on the legacy beaches of Chi with your board in hand, you are greeted by the peaceful feeling and fluffy waves rolling in .The sim is filled with not only meditation vistas but also cuddle spots which enhance your peaceful sojourn on the beach. Reach back to the early years at Chi and recapture that feeling of catching legacy SL waves.  Today you can still return to Chi for that careful balance of sand, sun, surf and self.


Ava & Yoh
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