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Final Curtain...For Now

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It has been a blast!
SurfWatch has been about sharing the fun of Second Life (SL) surfing, waves, surfers, beaches and the virtual world swirling throughout.

When I came back to SL after a multi year absence, I was asked by a very good friend to restart SurfWatch.  I considered it carefully.  SL surfing was in a slump.  In restarting SurfWatch, my goal was to generate interest, excitement and fun to revive the beach and surf scene.  There are so many fun moments doing SurfWatch - meeting new people, sharing the creativity of the individuals involved in creating the sport, sims, boards, waves, groups, events, merchandise, fashion, photography and video around it, doing the actual SL surfing and sharing memories of real life (RL) surfing, and it goes on.  The creative opportunities of doing SurfWatch - from finding new ways to present information and outreach to finding new people to add their talents to the staff, writing, filming, interviewing, managing, editing, proofreading and coming up with ideas, to the thrill of watching others grow and excel in their craft.

As in real life (RL), there are non-fun moments.  Trying to find a fresh perspective, new information to post, trying to deal with people you dislike in a fair manner, dealing with controversial topics, constantly rotating staff, negative criticism and demanding expectations from those that have no idea or appreciation of what it takes to keep this project going, trying to squeeze it all into a very busy RL, and it goes on.

I did it anyway.  SurfWatch jumped into the daily posts and pre-posting, breaking news, marketing on social media, growing staff talent, etc.  There is no money being made at SurfWatch.  While there are ways to make money blogging, and I have been offered money for sponsorships, as well as spent my own money on this project, I chose to keep SurfWatch driven by the love of SL surfing and the commitment from others that feel the same - friends sharing a passion.

SurfWatch has clearly pulled in the SL surfing community in a way no other organization has over the years and shared opinions, ideas, talents, passion thanks to the commitment of staff and contributors.  Page views and followers have never been higher.  It’s also been buffeted by the negative side of those afraid or envious of its success trying to copy us, minimize or, in the words of a few, "crush" SurfWatch.  Like the never-ending swell, SurfWatch has persevered.

The waves roll in and out, and interest in the activities and drama of SL peak and wane.  When the toll and effort it takes to run a virtual blog and the intrusion into RL becomes a chore instead of a joy, it's good to evaluate whether it's time to take a break, and this is that time for me.  No doubt other blogs will step up and try to recreate what SurfWatch has created and successfully sustained.  Good luck to them.

The Wave Report by the amazing Kantbe Thursday will continue to be a reliable updated list of SL surfing beaches for as long as she cares to continue:  either from the SurfWatch page, directly from, or from the in-world signs and HUDs Kantbe helped create and maintains.  SurfWatch as a historical resource will remain as it is as a reference in its current format with a search field back to its start in 2008.  Partner, staff, and other pages will remain intact and provide a source of reference and historical record.

Special thank you's to Kantbe Thursday for countless hours of hard work; Persia Bravin for her expertise and talent; the many members and supporters of SurfWatch staff over the years that have each brought something so special to the blog and into my SL.  From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone that has contributed, made time to join the staff group, shared their ideas and opinions, supported SurfWatch with Partnerships, content, social media sharing and positive vibes all the way back to its start in 2008.  I am so proud of this project and the contribution we have made to SL surfing.

New adventures and opportunities await.  And who knows what the future will bring.

Tauri Tigerpaw
Editor in Chief

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Dolphin Tales

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

I’ve been honored to have the privilege of working with Tauri Tigerpaw and SurfWatch since 2009 when I started contributing occasionally for the Kantbe Serious column and continuing the Wave Report started by Socks Clawtooth. I’ve made many friends due to my involvement with SurfWatch. As with real life, I’ve also lost a few as well. Sometimes, reporting things can be a source of misunderstanding and misinterpretation of intent.

As Douglas Adams describes in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, for all the communication efforts and jumping through hoops trying to be clear, the dolphins just weren’t able to get their thoughts across. Sometimes that’s true between human beings.

Being a part of SurfWatch has been a wonderful experience and a great ride. To paraphrase the dolphins, so long for now and thanks for all the fish!

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Timelines and Tide Tables

submitted by VW Sands

Funny thing time is. It just keeps on chugging along on a relentless…. mission like.  Tides on the other hand, those come and go like…….clockwork. No pun intended.

It sometimes seems almost bizarre to think that I´ve been messing about in SecondLife (SL) for more than 12 years. That´s a long time! In that time I´ve seen a ton of high tides and, a fair amount of low ones as well.

For most if not all of those years I´ve spent in SL there has been this very blog chugging away on it´s mission.  Through highs and lows SurfWatch has been a source of news and entertainment that, for me anyway, sort of put the whole wonderful mess of SL surfing into my “Tide Table”.

I was lucky enough to have a few things posted on SurfWatch through the years. Luckier still to always have news about SurfJam or Surfari,Vibes parties or sim openings (or closures) posted.

I guess like everything in life, as time chugs along things change. Sims poof, people come and go and interest wanders or changes direction. Like the tide I suppose.

In any case, I just wanted to say thank you. To Tauri (Tigerpaw) for her years of hard work and dedication. To Barchan (Paderborn), Ash (Ashleigh Dickins), Liss (Lissa Pinion Sands), Opal (Rivers) and Mari (Monentes), Kant (Kantbe Thursday) and countless others. It has been
a great time. Great reading, fun to contribute from time to time and a reliable tide table for me.

I sometimes wish we could turn back time. Or….slow it down somehow. But that would be like trying to stop the tide.  On the other hand, time past is what memories are made of. So in the end, nothing can take our memories away. Not even the tide.


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Connie's Excellent Surfing Adventure - the Movie

submitted by JT Castanea

Featuring Countess "Connie" Decosta, Mick Lunasea, Megs Candles, JT Castanea

It so truly captures the feel of hitting the sand with your best buds, the awe of the ocean, the call of the waves, including amazing surf footage!  You have to check it out - love it, JT! -
                                                                                            Tauri Tigerpaw, Editor in Chief, SurfWatch

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