Thursday, October 19, 2017

Breaking News!!! SLSA Postpones Competition

The Second Life Surfing Association just announced this Saturday's event at Bluff Cove has been postponed to October 28 due to a shortage of staff.  Sign ups remain open for an additional week.  Contact an SLSA Director for further information.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Article Written by Solsty Kismet
Photographs by Harmony Sandalphon

Surfers Beware! A strange fog has fallen on Bundy Reef. The beach that is regularly populated with sun bunnies and surfers has changed drastically (for October).

Authorities are still putting the pieces together of what may have occurred on this scenic shoreline.  Cierra Theriac and Flynn Sheridan, owners of Bundy Reef, have been named "persons of interest" yet suspiciously have not been brought in for questioning.

The ominous fog rolled in Thursday morning, covering the sand with a wretched stench of death and decay. Officials claim they will have the beach cleaned up by November 2nd, but locals seem skeptical. Gia Villano, a long time resident of Bundy informed SurWatch of the state of this catastrophe."This is worse than the summer of 2012 when a ship full of skunks crashed on the rocks and sprayed the island.  It took months to get those rodents rounded up."  Villano, clearly distraught, offered officials a helpful clue on where to look for answers, "If it happend on a Thursday, there is only one Thursday to blame! You know who you ARE!!"
Ghost Hunters have been called in to assist authorities in the clean-up. They are expected to arrive on the 19th with a projected end date of November 2, 2017. Beachgoers wanting to assist in the Ghost Hunting are asked to choose a team on the 19th by purchasing a Ghost Hunting HUD at the Madpea Store Location.

World Famous Photographers have been flying in from all over the grid to document the mysterious conditions. Some were spotted draping themselves over corpses or taking peace-sign-selfies with some of the apparitions. Teddy Bear attempted to contain her students as the class scattered about the beach in search of the perfect setting for their pictures.

Thankfully, the always helpful Kris Marley is sticking around to help feed the volunteers and rescue workers. Trick-or-treating bowls will be ready for public consumption on the night of the 27th at 7:00pm SLT. Wayward and hungry visitors are encouraged to go door to door of the houses to scavenge the bowls for any remaining food or resources.

Authorities are urging people to stay off the beach and in your homes where its safe. Pro Surfers don't seem to be taking heed of these warnings.  A drunken and distraught Tyler Peace was found strumming his guitar and singing an ominous melody, "and another zombies grabbing my friend is sinking underrrr.... and the ocean is changing colorrrr voilent screams all over.... in my heaadd!! I dont have! no brain please stay, stay away!"

☠ Haunted Beach Events: Dates and Times ☠
Haunted Beach:            October 19th - November 2nd
MadPea Ghost Hunt:      October 19th - November 2nd
SurfWatch Photo Hunt:   October 19th - November 2nd
Free Bird Trick or Treat: October 27th  @ 7:00-9:00pm SLT
Costume Party:              October 28th  @ 5:00-7:00pm SLT

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Exploring The Wave Report: Baja Cove

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Sim Name:
photo courtesy JT Castanea

Sim Owner:
Lauren Bentham

Type of Region:

Wave type:
Maoli Tahiti

Loaner boards?

Can you rez your own board and if so how (i.e., rez area, requires group membership):
There is on rez area.  Group membership is required to rez.

Group membership cost, if any:
Membership is a one-time $250 to join

photo courtesy JT Castanea

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fashion Focus: Liaison Collaborative

submitted by Valerie Lavender

Hi Beach Chicas!  If found another bikini  before end of summer!  Who knows maybe I will find a few more too!  This one is super kewl for Halloween Surfing!!!  So get out there and catch a few waves!

Until October 29
Vendor:  PLASTIK
Comes in a fabulous Fatpack for less than L$500.  
Matching fingernails available to purchase also.  
This is their Halloween edition!

See you on the waves!

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