Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Exploring The Wave Report - Baja Norte

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Sim Name:

photo courtesy JT Castanea

Sim Owner:
Lauren Bentham

Type of Region:

Wave type:
Maoli Tahiti

Loaner boards?

Can you rez your own board and if so how (i.e., rez area, requires group membership):
There is on rez area.  Group membership is required to rez.

Group membership cost, if any:
Membership is a one-time $250 to join

Special comments/instructions:
Official Flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/groups/baja_norte_official/

photo courtesy JT Castanea

Monday, September 25, 2017

Breaking News: SurfJam 21 Postponed

Compiled and reprinted from several group notices by Meka Chaffe

Due to a RL situation, Surf-Jam has been put on hold till RL releases its hold on one of the key members. Please pass the word. Thank you all for understanding.

Will keep everyone posted.....

Announcements: Shagwong Cove Resort

Submitted by Diamonte Thomas     

Come visit and see some of our changes!

If you have not visited our new rentals--here is your chance!  Syosset our treehouse is amazing.
Our cottage, has been relocated into the Ancient Forest and is beautiful!  Any day now our lighthouse home on a high cliff, Montauk, will be ready for rental.

Events and activities!
Dance to DJ Squirrel on Thursdays from 2-4 pm slt at our dance floor.

We continue to look for another dj to spin tunes on a different day and time.  Let me know if you are interested!

Yes, we surf here!  Look for new waves to be added to our Cove very soon!

Ride the bubbles,
new kinds of boats,
and check out the Community Center's new location!

Our third sim is here!  Mattituck has risen from the sea and soon will be created to complement our other two sims.

While our third sim is being created--you will discover "Under Construction" signs as we move things and make them better!  Our floating islands right now will be moved to the new sim to make the surfing experience better.  Look for more information as things are completed!

GROUPS?  Let us know if you would like to come here--this is a perfect place to rent, play, dance, and use so many places on the sims.

COUPLES?  We have had honeymooners, vow renewers, anniversaries and birthdays and JUST plain vacation fun.  We have our new TIde the Knot for vows. 􀀴 Let us know how we can help!

GETAWAYS!  Come one come all and just spend time on the sims!  SO much to do and see.  Visit a bit, stay awhile!

Check out the information center for open rentals, our Facebook page and Flickr page and more!


Hope to see you soon!

Diamonte Thomas owner
Deon Hattak manager
Aziza Mendominezu creative director

Sunday, September 24, 2017

SLSA Competition Scores

Scores courtesy Moira (Venera74 Resident)

Final scores for the Team SurfCrazy HP5 Pro:

    Moira   17.91
    Kristen    17.66
    KrisMarley Resident. 17.00
    austimus1 Resident    16.66
    JohnnyWhadd Resident. 15.83
    Figger Arun    13.83

According to Solsty Kismet, marshall for this event, "Yes, the scores were all close and high and it was like ... all these insanely good surfers... Kris and Tyler did amazing aerials... Tyler did double barrel rolls... Moira had the control of a mermaid.. Figger returned and did amazing."

Congratulations to all the finalists in the Team SurfCrazy HP5 Pro!

Second Life Surfing at Bluff Cove