Become a SurfWatch Partner

Thank you so much for your interest in joining SurfWatch to promote your beach, group or business and the surfing/beach lifestyle in Second Life (SL)!  It doesn't cost a thing! We love our partnerships and we look forward to any ideas you have about what SurfWatch can do with and for you as we move into the future together!

SurfWatch was recently upgraded to a more sleek design, allowing us to bring more focus to each of our partners by providing a dedicated page for displaying their logo and any information they wish to share.  Partner pages can be updated at any time - just let us know what you need.

Other benefits include,  pertinent links to non-SurfWatch content (SL landmarks, Flickr, website, blog, etc.), having events added to our calendar, blog posts to provide specific coverage of partner happenings, and access to SurfWatch marketing avenues.  Links to partner content are accessible directly from the SurfWatch blog main menu.  The SurfWatch calendar can accommodate several events for all of our partners, and items can be added at anytime via request.  We will also publish individual posts to SurfWatch to highlight our partners' special events, photo contests, surfing competitions, parties, new merchandise, sim updates, opinions, or other content that may interest our readers.  Our marketing extends into Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Twitter, so joining with us expands your reach exponentially.  We even allow our partners to send notices to our in-world SurfWatch group.

What we ask in return is for our partners to share any SurfWatch posts that features them with their SL group.  We also ask partners who have sims in SL to place one of our SurfWatch information givers near the landing zone - it can be in any object you feel fits your decor.  This way, we grow SurfWatch and SurfWatch grows you.

Contact Tauri Tigerpaw or Kantbe Thursday for any questions about partnering with SurfWatch.  And if you're already a partner, let us know what we can do to further support this partnership!  We make a great team!

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