SurfWatch Partner: Naked Surf Nation

Back in 2008 before naked surfing became a thang..or maybe 2009...there was too much tequila at the time and I (Tauri Tigerpaw) was naked and couldn't find a pen to write anything down, so all I can remember is it was started by a bunch of surfers that wanted to surf naked but I got stuck with starting the group.  A group of us just wanted to get naked, mob a beach before anyone knew we were there, catch a wave or two, and leave anyone watching saying, what the heck was that???  Keep in mind, this was before there were beaches where it was required to surf naked lol.

We still occasionally will chat out "Naked Surf Nation Rules!" and meet at some beach for a party wave if we see five or more people in world at the same time.  So join even if it's just for the Surfs Naked tag!  Our motto:  Party, surf, dance, surf, drink, surf, LANAO (laugh your naked ass off), You can't hide when you're doesn't matter if you're a CEO or a janitor when you're's about skin, sky, sun, surf, spray...

To join Naked Surf Nation, just search for the group in-world and it's free to join!  Just be prepared to shed the suit and shred the wave!

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