Surfwatch Partner: Maoli Waves and Simboard Ramps

Anyone involved in surfing in Second Life® knows that the Maoli waves are the most widely used waves in SL™ and Maoli provides more wave types than any wave vendor in the history of SL™.

To read more about Denise Foxtrot, the creator of Maoli Waves and Simboard Ramps, check out the Surfwatch Conversation with Denise Foxtrot written by Nash Laville.

Some of Denise's plans for future offerings will be event oriented items such as exhibition tents, stages, event tables. Maoli will also be bringing back the Vetox line of sim boarding products.

To see Maoli's current products, visit the shops at Maoli's home sim on Bellisimo.

Read more about Maoli in the SurfWatch archives.

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