Saturday, March 8, 2008

Buffy wins big at Surf Jam!

Buffy Munro was awarded first place on Saturday's VSA Surf Jam, the second Vibrations Surf Alliance competition event of the year. Buffy entered what proved to be an exciting Surf Jam final together with Jaqueline Infinity, Vic Bonetto, Mateus Rieko and reigning VSA champ ONeill Auer and came out scoring high with 13 points for a big win at Majini Island!

"Buffy was really on form today and surfed way above her mid-level SLSA ranking," said judge Sally LaSalle. "It's Buffy's 'home turf' so perhaps this gave her some home girl advantage, but nevertheless she surfed hard and certainly deserved her win."

Left to right: Jaqueline Infinity, Buffy Monro and ONeill Auer

ONeill and Jaqueline joined Buffy on the winners podium with 11.75 and 11.5 points taking second and third place respectively. This is the second consecutive time that Jaqueline has taken third place at the VSA Surf Jam, making her a strong contender for next month's event, which is currently scheduled for 12 April. ONeill's second place on the podium confirms that he remains a force to be reckoned with and is well positioned for the next competition.

"The finals where held it pretty good conditions on Majini, early heats were totally lag free," said Sally LaSalle. "There were some good performances: Vic Bonetto did very well in the early heats, as did Matteus. However, tougher finals conditions saw Buffy, ONeill and Jaq shine through on the day."

Spectators enjoy the surfing from the VSA's custom-made aerial platform

Hats off also to the VSA organisers, under the watchful eye of
Bishara Resorts Estate Manager VW Sands, who were a model of surf competition efficiency. "The competition took about 3.5 hours in total, which was pretty smooth," said Sally.

Buffy Munro (13.00)
ONeill Auer (11.75)
Jaqueline Infinity (11.50)
Vic Bonetto (11.00)
Mateus Rieko (10.00)

Selina Otsuka (11.25)
Abel Halderman (11.25)
Wilfred DeCuir (10.50)
Melora Loring (10.25)
MaryAnn Maa (8.00)

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Schrottvogel Wei said...

CONGRATS BUFFY. Seams like she is sleeping Giant. The best clerk and best surfer at Manjini so far!