SurfWatch Partner: Charleston Heights

Year sim/group started: 2018

What made you start this sim/group:  Zennessa and David Charleston got married and started a family. They enjoyed building a town with lots of activities and decided to share it with others.  The sim is known for the amazing holiday decorations such as Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Highlights about the sim: Home of Surfwatch Headquarters, the LaVista del Mar SurfWatch beach outpost, inexpensive rentals, lots of fun activities and events.  Residents of Charleston Heights are given access to sailable waters around Geata V from which they can sail all over the Linden Oceans with low lag.  The group sends out a newsletter informing residents of new areas of interest, upcoming activities, etc.  Some of the many regular sim activities include bowling, beauty shop, restaurants and fast food, dog park, gym, movie theater, and so much more!

LM:  Charleston Heights

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