SurfWatch Staff: Kantbe Thursday

Managing Editor

Kantbe Thursday officially became a contributor and staff for SurfWatch in 2010 with her occasional SurfWatch articles and posts for her column, Kantbe Serious.

Before becoming a full-fledged SurfWatch staff, however, she picked up the torch from Socks Clawtooth work on SurfWatch wave reports in 2009 and started maintaining his abbreviated list of surfing sims in Secondlife. That list has since grown from a couple of dozen beaches to over 90 as of the last update. In 2011, SurfWatch started publishing a web-based version of that list on the SurfWatch Wave Report site. The Wave Report now enjoys expanded functionality that includes not only the inworld notecard list of sims and the Wave Report web site, but also the inworld Surfsim Teleport Board developed by Denise Foxtrot and the HUD version designed by Austin Novaland.

When Tauri Tigerpaw decided to “reboot” SurfWatch in 2017, she asked Kantbe to serve as “managing” editor for SurfWatch. Kantbe also spreads the SurfWatch word on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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