SurfWatch Partner: Sisterhood of the Sand

It happened on a beach waaaaaay back in 2008 when Majini was just a tiny surfing strip of sand and all the surfers hung out to surf and party;  the originals, Buffy Munro, Slave Lacey, Tauri Tigerpaw and Alex Usbourne, honoring our bond of friendship.  We spent many hours surfing, discussing boards and waves, lounging on the sand, sharing our dreams, chatting about romance, talking about fashion and avatar design, and anything else that popped in our heads!  We held fashion shows, mini competitions, and supported other events with sponsorships, time, and (wo)man power.  With time comes inevitable change.  Some have felt the bond, some have lost it.  But the spirit and memories of sisterhood will never be washed away.

It's about having each other's backs; supporting each other; sharing secrets and never spilling them; standing by each other.  Hanging out together; planning events together; working through disagreements, sharing different points of view, and committing to sisterhood.  If you need a sister, you send out an "SOS" notice to the group, and whoever is around will be there to help and support you.

We're currently doing a group reboot.  If you are interested in knowing more about the SOS or if this sounds like something you can support, contact Tauri Tigerpaw in-world.

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