SL Surfing Rides Into Real Life

submitted by Persia Bravin

The Second Life™ surf scene has just been featured on a real-life surfing website called Surf Blurb. Written by SurfWatch reporter, Persia Bravin and featuring photos by Marina Bay owner, Jean Neymar, the article highlights why surfing inworld is so much fun.

Surf Blurb is read by thousands of real-life surfers across the world and was established in California in 2000 as a useful resource for all surfers. “It was a privilege to write about the SL surfing community and to attempt to explain the joy of surfing inworld and why more real life surfers should log into Second Life and join the virtual surf community too,” says Persia.

The article features quotes from some SL surf sim owners, Linden Lab, SL surfers and also Tauri Tigerpaw, owner of SurfWatch. You can read it on Surf Blurb here:

Riding The (Virtual) Waves

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