Friday, February 29, 2008

SURF REPORT -- Majini Island: surf, party, surf!

Sunrise on Majini Island

Majini Island (part of the Bishara Resorts System) is blessed with an Epic II wave that has a great long run. However, it's the lively surfing crowd, as much as it is the big wave, that seems to make this beach one of the most popular with Second Life surfers. Home break of the Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA), or more affectionately 'Vibes' (members are known as 'Vibers'), Majini combines socialising, partying and an almost continous line-up of surfing action. One could say that its a 'happening' beach!

With more than 200 VSA members including a hard core group of surfers that take their sport very seriously, there's always something going on on Majini beach and it has become a meeting point for surfers regardless of their home base or surfing club affiliation.

The Majini beach crowd favours the big Epic II waves. Despite having a frequency of one wave at a time, the beach boasts a loyal and friendly crowd that are as enthusiastic spectators as they are surfers (not to mention talkers!). A row of sunbeds lined up along the shoreline and knee-deep shallows in front of the break, help to make Majini surfing an entertaining spectator sport. A temporary aerial wood platform provides the perfect vantage point during competition events.

Majini's EPIC is quite a long run, breaking at the far south edge of the sim and rolling in spitting foam for 250 yards into the beach before folding thirty or fourty feet from the shore. Its a real rush! However, the Majini surf changes to pipes and fluffies every Sunday and on some other occasions, such as prior to SLSA competitions to allow members to practice.

Majini plays host to the first Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) event of the annual competition series (2008's competition took place on 19 January), whilst the VSA organises a monthly Surf Jam competition for Vibers only. The beach has both the open space and facilities to organise other social and surfing events. Majini beach is also home to Bishara Surf School, headed up by surfing veteran and Bishara Resorts Estate Manager VW Sands.

There is a public 'rezz area' directly in front of the Surf School shack at the east end of the beach, which allows non-members to rezz their boards. The rezz area supports a limited number of prims as a measure to prevent griefers from rezzing boats, helicopters and other undesirable motor vehicles that disturb the peace.

Boards are usually available on the beach for those that want to try and haven't brought their own (look for the ones owned by VW Sands). For those that prefer to use their own boards, 'copy' versions are recommended. Although the sim returns visitors' boards to their lost and found folders fairly reliably, the sim has been known to 'eat' them from time to time. A number of surfboard outlets on Majini sell a variety of boards such as Fakt Surfboards, Namiko, SJA Customboards and TCH Surf.

A great place to start if you want to get on board with the Second Life surfing scene, meet other surfers and find out how its done! And, have a lot of apres-surf fun too! Surf, party, surf! Or was it party, surf, party? I forget. Must have been a good party...

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ONeill Crowned VSA Surf Jam champ! (2 Feb 2008)
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