SurfWatch Partner: Monkey Cove

Syx Toshi started Monkey Cove in 2009.  As Opal Rivers noted back in March 2017, there have been several versions of Monkey Cove throughout the years.  For this version, Syx "decided to focus on the environment first to create a total experience for the visitor."  You have to visit to see the myriad of detail be it the underwater SCUBA environment , the surfing, the diverse wildlife or any of the other surprises that await visitors at Monkey Cove, Peace and Wilderness.

Syx's wife and partner in love and design, Bryn Bullock-Toshi, stated, "I would just like to emphasize how much Syx enjoys sharing his love of surfing [he's a surfer in real life (RL)], and his long-standing history in support of surfing in Second Life (SL).  "  Syx and Bryn were married July of 2018 and have made Monkey Cove their home and design passion.

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