Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SLSA Election Up-date

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) announced more details of its upcoming elections via SLSA group notice in Second Life Tuesday. The SLSA now clarifies that there are two issues that require members votes on Saturday. Firstly a vote, for constitutional reasons, to permit the election process to elect new directors to the SLSA board and secondly voting for candidates to fill the three vacant seats on the board of directors.

The SLSA election was scheduled for 1 June 2008, but this would have forced the SLSA to continue its business throughout May and organise the surfing competition at Neart with just two directors instead of five. Ordinarily gaps on the board might be filled by appointing interim directors. However, there are not enough directors currently serving to form a quorum in order to vote in interim directors and so the solution is to hold a special election on Saturday 17 May 2008.

Three candidates have been nominated for seats on the SLSA board of directors: Sally LaSalle, Ashleigh Dickins and Colleen Brennan. Since the quarterly SLSA election was originally scheduled for 1 June 2008, to vote for directors to serve betwen June 1st and December 1st, directors elected on Saturday will have to serve the additional two weeks in May too.

According to the SLSA's rulebook, voting for directors is restricted to competition surfers from the last three month's SLSA competitions and so only surfers who competed in Monkeh Barrel and Surfline events are eligible to vote in this election (or 46 members by our calculations).

How to vote

1. Voting takes place via notecard in Second Life and eligible voters must give their notecards to all five of the following individuals by midnight Saturday 17 May 2008 Second Life time: Radical Twang, Milo Voss, Poid Mahovlich, Rani Decosta and Carenahh Kuu.

2. This election consists of two separate votes and each vote must be clearly mentioned in the notecard.

3. The first vote is for eligible voters to legitimise the election process itself. To vote, your notecard should state either “yes , I support the election” or “no, I do not support the election”.

4. The second vote is to elect three new SLSA directors to three vacant positions on the SLSA board. To vote on this, your notecard should state the names of the directors that you are voting for. You may vote for any or all of the following nominated candidates: Sally LaSalle, Ashleigh Dickins and Colleen Brennan.

5. For example, if you are voting to approve the election process and to vote for all three candidates, then your note card might read as follows:

Barchan Paderborn's vote:

1. Yes , I support the election

2. I am voting for: Sally LaSalle, Ashleigh Dickins, Colleen Brennan

Update 18 May 08
The deadline for voting in this special SLSA election was extended on Thursday 15 May afternoon via an SLSA Forum message by the current directors from Saturday 17 May 2008 midnight to Monday 19 May 2008 11.59 SLT.

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