Saturday, May 26, 2012

Team Profile: Vibrations

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Time to blow the dust off your old Beach Boy LPs, 45's, and MP3's to get in the right mood for the team profile for SLSA competition surfing team, Vibrations.

To force VW into taking the time to fill out this profile, Lissa withheld from VW only what Lissa can…  his beer and pizza.

Please enjoy this 2nd in the Surfwatch series of SLSA competition team profiles:


Team Name:  Vibrations

Year Founded:  2007

Founder(s): VW Sands

Owner/Captain:  Buffy Munroe

Co-Captains:  Quench Spotter


Current Team Standing:  Ummm.....

Where did the team name come from:
Vibrations was born from our group "The Vibrations Surf Alliance"

Why was this team started:
I started the team as a way for our somewhat more "serious" *cough* riders to compete together at the SLSA comps but more importantly to have fun collectively.

Pertinent history/team highlights:
Hmmmm....Oh! We did manage to scrape out a championship once!

How does this team train and how often:
Train? You mean like practice and stuff? alot and drink beer and eat pizza. Does that count?

What is the basic philosophy behind this team in terms of SL surfing (reality vs. gaming):
Our philosophy has everything to do about having fun. I personally like big, wide, sweeping bottom turns and quick cut-backs and off the lip moves (reality)´s just a game ;-)

What board does this team use and why?
Our "Team" boards are SJA customs but most of us surf on whatever we have most fun riding.

What wave does this team prefer and why?
Ask each of us and get a different answer each time.

What associations does this team compete in?
We have competed in most all of the different series at one time or another.

Who are the top scoring riders on this team?
Hmmm, never really thought about THAT! Wicky and CK, Dix, Kimmy and Frank. I spose we all have good days now and again ;-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

SLSA June 1st Director Elections

Elections for new directors of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) will be held on June 1st. Out-going directors are Sally LaSalle, Giavannamarie Melody and Maldrul Morris.

Three candidates have expressed their interest in running for a seat on the board of directors: Bobbi Laval,  Giavannamarie Melody, and Melian Catronis. Below are their applications submitted for consideration (taken from the SLSA forum):

SLSA Directors & Members,

My name is Bobbi Laval. This notecard represents my intent to stand as an SLSA director in the June 1st election. I am willing and able to serve the full term. I am currently co-captain of Reef Riders. I have served one term before as a Director.

I have surfed and finished in the top 10 of every SLSA season, and during the course of those 10 seasons I haved enjoyed teaching and introducing new people to the fun of surfing in SL. I consider myself a surfing mentor and hope to continue in that role. I am a trained Head Judge and have judged in 14 competitions. I have surfed on SSi boards in the SLSA but also on HP boards in the ABSSL and enjoy trying out and testing new surfing equipment and approaches. My vision for the SLSA is to bring in new members and build a new core generation of surfers that can experience just some of the joy that surfing has brought to me.

Yours sincerely,
Bobbi Laval

PS .. While I am willing and able to serve, should 3 other younger members decide to nominate before the deadline for the closure of candidates ... then please disregard my nomination as I would very much love to see new people with new ideas taking the SLSA in new and excitng directions.


SLSA Directors,

My name is GiavannaMarie Melody. This notecard represents my request to stand as a director in the upcoming election. I am willing and able to serve the full term. I am currently co captain of Reef Riders. I also own my own clothing line Surfari, which is a sponsor of SLSA. I have served multiple terms as a Director.

I have worked on many SLSA projects. My attitude and work ethic is my greatest assett to the organization. I have been a part of the organization for over 2 1/2 years now, been a SLSA director 4 times and bring a lot of experience to the directorship. My vision for the SLSA is to help it grow as well as continuing to find a way to save our great surfing sims. Over the past tenure on the board, we had great difficulty in finding volunteers for our great events. This is something I wish to continue to focus on should I be re elected.



My name Melian Catronis and I wish to run for a Director's position with the SLSA. I have the desire and intention to stand for the full 6 month term, if possible.

Team affiliation: Tai Chi Zen.

About me: I have been surfing in SL for a year, though I am not a RL surfer. I find the surfing community for the most part to the core of what SL is supposed to be about--creativity and support, and (with a few exceptions) acceptance of the differences of everyone. I can't promise that I know what I'm doing, but right now I think there's a perception that a crisis is brewing in the surfing community over recent events, and if there is some way somebody new can come in and reassure the masses if that's not true, I'd like to be a part of that.

Thank you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Live Storytelling - Stories from The Lost Coast (5/24/12)

Live Storytelling - Seanchai Library on the Beach  

The beach is a no-man's-land, the coastal zone a dynamic give and take of land and sea, swell and tide. Tonight: tales of truth, fiction, and fantasy - each a glimpse into life on this sweet and ragged edge of beauty.

In his continuing presentations of beach and surfing stories, Shandon Loring presents:

Thursday 5/24 7pm Stories from "Surfings Greatest Misadventures"

All stories are presented in SL voice.   All events are free but donations accepted to benefit the
Community Virtual Library (CVL) Estate.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Team Profile: Surfcrazy

Submitted by Kantbe Thursday
Following up with the informal survey of individuals who have been competing in SLSA competitions as team members, SurfWatch has resurrected and is updating the Team Profiles that were originally done in 2009.  

Although it is rumored that Mick Lunasea can surf everything from the log of a freshly cut endangered Loulu tree to the back doors of his 1941 custom surfer Ford Woody Wagon, SurfWatch does not promote nor endorse any of the teams represented.


Team Name:  Surfcrazy

Year Founded:  2010


Owner/Captain:  Mick Lunasea

Co-Captains:  Zadi (Imzadi Amaterasu), Jayden (Jayden Domenici)

Mentors: Robin Mapp, Yendor Destiny, Aeryn Kidd

Current Team Standing:  6th

Where did the team name come from:

Surf-Crazy was a 50's surf film by Bruce Brown. Mick named his website combining the words . In sl Mick started Surfcrazy Surf Shop in 2007.

Why was this team started:

In 2007, Mick knew no one except Rob Jon riders until he met Sierra and Thor. Misfit's Shop was largest at Surf City. and carried SSI. Mick quizzed Thor and Sierra about Surf Contests. Surf City had no team, Thor passed away or Mick would have surely been a Misfit. 2008 Mick was a rookie, red, first heat at Monkey Paw riding a misfit board created by Sierra. It was an early sculpted shape. Mick had no team affiliation although the board sported a Surfcrazy Logo.

2009 Rob John (Robin Mapp) sponsored Team Surf City riding RJ surfboards. The SLSA permitted a one time longboard contest riding RJ Noserider, Connie, Brigit, Rockytheskaterboy and Mick were team riders. Rob created a line of SSI boards, The team was renamed Da Hui. Team riders were Sean, Aeryn, Monq Rob, Connie, Yendor and Mick. In 2010 Yendor was season champ, shortly thereafter Da hui became inactive.

Surfcrazy Surf bums / Team Surfcrazy was launched. Keeping with Rob John and RL tradition Surfcrazy sponsored Team Riders. Original  Team Riders were Connie, Yendor, Rockytheskaterboy and Mick. Ceedi, Crystal, Jay, Revlon and Xander joined, Abel and Jordan also joined the team briefly.

Current Team Riders:

Mick Lunasea- Main Contact-Pro Surfer - Team Captain
Imzadi Amaterasu - Pro Surfer - Team CO-Captain
Jayden Domenici -Pro Surfer-Team CO- Captain

Aeryn Kidd - Pro Surfer
Anabelle Marquis - Pro Surfer
Countess Decosta - Pro Surfer
Cristal Rowlands - Pro-Surfer
Curshaw Resident - Pro Surfer
Maha Adder - Pro Surfer
JT Castenea - Pro Surfer
Rockytheskaterboy Dreadlow - Pro Surfer
Shilow Carter - Pro Surfer
Xander Datura - Pro Surfer
Yari Ziplon - Pro Surfer
Yendor Destiny - Pro Surfer
Violetrain82 Resident - Pro Surfer
Destiny Delacroix - Pro Surfer

Pertinent history/team highlights:

Team Surfcrazy's best finish as a team was 2nd in 2011. The highlight is having met and surfed with so many great  riders over the years. Lots of laughs, good times. Mick is proud that new and old riders choose to represent Surfcrazy Surf Shop.

How does this team train and how often:

Team Surfcrazy tries to ride together as often as possible plus test experimental surfboards.

What is the basic philosophy behind this team in terms of SL surfing (reality vs. gaming):

Team Surfcrazy approaches Sl surfing using old school and gaming technique. Using all SL has to offer surfing waves far and beyond whats possible in RL is a BLAST!

What board does this team use and why?

Team riders are free to use any surfboard although Mick will supply boards or help pay for Mods. Many riders prefer Mods due to deck customization and experimental aspects.

What wave does this team prefer and why?

Team Surfcrazy prefers ALL waves that can be surfed on :)

What associations does this team compete in?

Team Surfcrazy Riders compete in SLSA, VSA, ASA and Independent  Contests.

Who are the top scoring riders on this team?

Top Riders this season are Zadi, Crystal and Violet. Curshaw is awesome, hardly ever even visits the comp site before contests. He just shows up and goes for it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SurfWatch Wave Report Just Updated!

One click and the world of virtual surfing is at your fingertips!

Did you know if you scroll down the right side of the SurfWatch page to the Wave Report link, you can access a continuously updated listing (by the incomparable Kantbe Thursday) of waves and surf sims?  You can help SurfWatch get the word out on virtual surfing spots by letting us know of any new surf spots in any virtual worlds!  If you know of a spot that hasn't made the list, leave a comment or contact Kantbe or myself and let's get the word out!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

SLSA Tai Chi Pro Results

Yesterday the SLSA Tai Chi Pro was held. It was the 50th (!) event held by the Second Life Surfing Association. A wonderful time was had by all and I can tell you that, as observed from the judge's stand, the surfers in the line-up were having a great time and were super supportive of each other. It was a wonderful thing to see!

The surfing was extraordinary and the scores were very close. There were 2 surf-offs in the semi-finals. Thank you to everyone for making it a great event!

Heat 1
Abel Halderman   14.33
Maldrul Morris   13.33
Alliejj Resident  5.00
Ignacio Pevense  12.33

Heat 2
Harbor Piers     13.33
VioletRain      10.67
Revlon Benoir    12.67
Melian Catronis  12.33
Jen Gustafson    11.50

Heat 3
Sunrize Mornington  13.17
Rayzza Rubble    12.33
Petra Xaris      12.33
Sally LaSalle    13.50
Bodhi Lowtide    11.17

Heat 4
Lourinho Nizna   11.50
Colleen Brennan  12.33

Heat 5
Followingwaves Sirbu   12.33
Zelda Zimberman  13.00
Lanky Silvercloud  13.00
Mick Lunasea     13.33

Heat 6
Jordan Mendle  13.50
Ashoka Moseley   13.17
Robbin Ember     11.833
Roxxie Verino    14.00
Fonda Fugue      12.67

Semi-Finals 1
Abel Halderman   14.50
Colleen Brennan  12.17
Revlon Benoir    12.17
Zelda Zimberman  14.33

Semi-Finals 2
Harbor Piers     13.33
Mick Lunasea     13.50*
Sunrize Mornington  13.50
Jordan Mendle    14.33
*advanced in surf-off

Semi-Finals 3
Sally LaSalle    13.50*
Roxxie Verino    13.50
Maldrul Morris   13.67
Lourinho Nizna   12.50
Lanky Silvercloud  13.00
*advanced in surf-off

1st - Abel Halderman   14.50
2nd - Jordan Mendle    14.17
3rd - Maldrul Morris   13.50
4th - Zelda Zimberman  13.33
5th - Mick Lunasea     13.17
6th - Sally LaSalle   12.17

Event Staff
Event Coordinator: Sally LaSalle
Head Judge: Imzadi Amaterasu
Judge: Xander Datura
Judge: Cierra Theriac
Marshal: Maldrul Morris, Violet Rain
Security Officer (and stand-in MC): Kantbe Thursday

DJ: Danu Grayson - Gurbux
Trophies: Bobbi Laval
Rashies/Clock: Sally LaSalle

Da Hui Surf Comp Today!!!


                        May 20 th 2012
                         12PM SLT START
                         1ST PRIZE ...   5000L
                          RUNNER-UP.... 3000L
                          3RD....          1500L
REGISTRATIONS.... to Monq  Pinklady
Boards:       All boards are allowed
                      No HUDS or Performance enhancing scripts!!
                       Judges decisions are final
                          -Spectators Sim
     - Board Area

Please Note:
Registrations will close on the  May 18 2012. You will receive a comp pack after your registration the night of the 19th. Please contact Monq Pinklady if you do not receive yours . You will be informed of your heat color in the Rashie Pack. The Comp will start 12pm slt sharp.. All judges decisions will be final. Consider yourself disqualified if you harass or argue with the judges.  All competitors must obey the beach Marshall when called for your heats and when to take to the water etc etc... Each competitor will have 3 waves to show their stuff then at the end of each heat there will be a party wave where all competitors jump on an have a laugh.. :))) this wave is not scored...  The best two waves of your heat will be scored...The first two in each draw will go Thur to the semi's and finals.. All competitors will receive a comp outfit of a t shirt and board shorts just for getting involved.
So come on over to PixelObsessions Surf Party Comp and have some fun and maybe win a few linden as well....
                         Da Hui and Pixelobessions
                          Shilow Castanea ......   
                        Owner/Manager PixelObsessions