Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stories from The Lost Coast Tonight and Friday!

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Some of you may remember the storytellers at the West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center.  As with traveling bards, the storytellers continued to spread their tales across Second Life and are now resident storytellers on Imagination Island at the Seanchai Library (Shanna-key, which means "Storyteller" in Irish) that borders the Imagination Island surfing area known as The Narrows.

Of special interest to the surfing community is a series of surf related stories being told by Shandon Loring, including his series of Stories from The Lost Coast.  As Shandon puts it, "The beach is a no-man's-land, the coastal zone a dynamic give and take of land and sea, swell and tide."  His series is described as, "tales of truth, fiction, and fantasy - each a glimpse into life on this sweet and ragged edge of beauty."

This week, on Thursday the 17th at 7PM SLT, Shandon will be continuing his telling of his Lost Coast series.

As a special introduction to the Seanchai Library's "Welcome Summer Weekend", at 7PM SLT on Friday the 18th, Shandon will be telling "Tahiti Iti - a surf story" and a couple other tales.

All stories are told in voice.  Seanchai Library's home is provided by the Community Virtual Library (CVL) Estate.  There is no charge for admission, but any donations to help support CVL would be appreciated.

The Community Virtual Library is a virtual resource center that exists in Second Life. Community Virtual Library is made up of Info Island, Imagination Island and Cybrary City II and provides free library resources and services to the residents of Second Life, as well as providing a network for real world resource specialists to explore new ways of serving the public.

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