Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seanchai Library "Welcome Summer Weekend!" May 19 & 20!

Seanchai Library Announces

“Welcome Summer Weekend!”

Benefiting the Community Virtual Library

Imagination Island, Second Life – Even in the virtual world the greener seasons are stretching their pixels and awaking thoughts of sunny, summer pursuits.  The Seanchai Library embraces this change of seasons as the perfect time to celebrate their home in the Community Virtual Library (CVL) Estate.  Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20th the Seanchai Library will host a Welcome Summer Weekend! with a variety of summer themed events to benefit their home estate, serving residents and library professionals on and off the Second life Grid.

Saturday, May 19th will begin at 1pm with summer stories by the Seanchai Staff. At 2pm Lightning Productions’ will present their tribute to The Beach Boys in concert, followed by a few more tales of sun, sand, and surf at 3pm.  Sunday, May 20th continues the celebration with stories at 4pm, followed by a Beach Dance Party with DJ Derry McMahon at 5pm. A special “Warm Up for the Weekend” session of surf stories will be presented by Shandon Loring at 7pm on Friday, May 18th.  All events are free to residents, with donations accepted to benefit the CVL.

In addition to the events, the scenic parcel on Imagination Island will be fitted out with picnics,  blankets and other trappings of summer.  Chief among these features will be “The Narrows” – a surf wave running along the North border of the sim from the creations of noted Second Life surf creators Heather Goodlife and Sebastian Saramango.  “The Narrows” features perilous off-sim rocks, a shark, a kraken, and free surfboards so everyone can “catch the wave.”  Residents are encouraged to enjoy the summer features of the sim all weekend long.  Imagination Island is a “mature” rated sim.

All Welcome Summer Weekend! Events will take place at the Seanchai Library on Imagination Island in the Community Virtual Library Estate in Second Life and all times listed are SLT -

The Community Virtual Library is a virtual resource center that exists in Second Life. Community Virtual Library is made up of Info Island, Imagination Island and Cybrary City II and provides free library resources and services to the residents of Second Life, as well as providing a network for real world resource specialists to explore new ways of serving the public.

Seanchai Library (Shanna-key, which means "Storyteller" in Irish.) was born in March of 2008 as the West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center.  Almost four years and over 1250 story session later, the program is dedicated to promoting the power of stories to transform and inspire through live voice presentations: "We bring stories of all kinds to life, in Second Life." 

The Seanchai Library promotes fine literature from sources through out the world, almost every day of the week.  Myth, Culture, Fantasy!  They are all part of good literature, enriching and informing our experiences in Second Life as well as Real Life.   All stories told in voice. Contact Librarian and Queen Bee Derry McMahon

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