Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blue Moon Creates Excitement

Submitted by Marianna Monentes

I am sitting here envisioning the best Pandoran RP Region ever created. Already I have meter MSCBvh V1.0 created by Lucinda Bulloch, it is incredible. The Amp Suit created by Sullivan Infinity, is on its way...but there is something

This is an open call to anyone interested in creating with me and my husband RW, the best Pandoran RP Region, ever created. Having been owner of nAvitar in Second Life, I have dealt directly with all aspects of RP SIMs.

For me, the most important aspect of RP is realism, if its not realistic won't be a part of this project, sure Avatar the movie is fiction, the point I am making is, if it wasn't in the movie, won't be here. My goal is to find everything we can to make this project as realistic as we can.

That, brings me back to you. Whats needed are all the military items, envision if you will everything in a military base, bunks will be needed as well as exercise machines. There will be need for monitors and radar screens. Gun Towers, Jeeps the list goes on. Then we have medical. From forceps to yes wheelchairs, and everything in between. RDA even needs "link beds" as well as customized nanotech receiver/transmitter nodes.

The na'vi have many needs too. The native tribes use bows, arrows and knives to take on the guns, flame-throwers and missiles of the invading humans. Ikrans, Woodsprites, Tree of Souls, Hometree. Just to name a few.

As a creator projects are what make my virtual life so incredibly rich. Creation is such a positive life. To leave someplace better than you found it. If you are like me, a person who loves to create, this is a groundfloor opportunity to be part of the Best Ever Pandoran RP Region, we call Blue Moon.

There are four sims here so far. Blue Moon, Pandoran Plains, Aurora Forest, and Banshee Mountains. As you see in the picture the Hallelujah Mountains are established, created by Webby Merlin.

Please come join us, bring your creations. The owners Tiffany Magic and Logger Sewell, have an incredible incentive for you. If you bring your shop, depending on space needs you are offered a shop or SIM, free until traffic generates income for tier. All uploads are free.

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