Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breaking News: Monkey Cove Sims Closing

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

On Monday, May 14, 2012, Syx Toshi sent the following notice to all Surf Monkeys:

"Hey Monkeys,

With great sadness I will be retiring the Monkey Cove Sims no later the July 1st. I have had the best time ever owning the Sims and have made the best friends in SL and RL. 

To everyone living on the sims Do Not pay any further rent! I'm going to pick up all the boxes but it might take some time, If you've paid past June I will refund your money.


It is unconfirmed at the time of this posting, but the Surf Shop 6 doors also appear to be closed.  That is all the information SurfWatch has at this time.


Lissa Pinion said...

Monkey will be greatly missed and I hope that Syx is still gonna be inworld surfing the beaches and enjoying the waves. Thanks for the memories and good times and support over the years Syx.

Mick said...

Massive loss, one of the corner stones of SL Surfing. Syx is an inspiration, providing all us with a play ground like no other.

Syx's surfshop was Incredible. He carried all models, all designers, I was proud to have my designs in his shop alongside all the greats.
The love and attention to detail in his shop was spectacular.

A former SLSA director, greater friend to all. Hopefully now he can relax, surf with us and maybe ride in a comp or two.

Love ya Syx!