Monday, May 7, 2012

Tsunami Beach Reborn!

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, or a beloved sim emerging from the black sands…. Tsunami lives again!  We reported back in February that Tsunami Beach had reverted to its landlords and many of us were heartbroken. This weekend I got an invite to come check the place out,  I first went to the sim thinking that it was just a "tribute" to Tsunami and recreated. But then I looked at my map and realized, "OMG I am actually on Tsunami Beach!"

I wandered the sim. There are so many cool little touches. A little hut with a sign that said, "Colleen's Corner", a Man Cave… hmmm… wonder if I can peek inside.  There is a dance floor, a few shops (already with tenants) and some beach houses.  Dolphins have already taken up residence and can be seen splashing away.

This crazy ass bird became my best friend, lol.

I caught up with the owners Pova Rustamova and MaryAnn Maa and pestered them with questions.

Cierra: What inspired you to bring back Tsunami Beach?

MaryAnn: I remember day the sim was lost, I  tp'd here and saw not a drop of water but land surrounded by mountains, I felt sick seeing that. This sim holds a lot of wonderful  memories for Pova and I  and probably every surfer in SL.

When it became available, again,  I knew  Pova and I had to have it,

It was a no brainer to us. We wanted to give it back's it's life.  I hope Colleen (Brennen) would love what we have done, I think she would be proud of us...

Pova: One night Maa was out and about and saw the Tsunami was up for sale and she got all excited couldn't wait for me to log.  She immediately cornered  me and asked if we could buy it.  She was all sentimental about it and since we were bouncing around from parcel to parcel trying to find a place we wanted to live it made good sense,  let alone good Karma, lol.
So we jumped in head first.

Cierra: Why do it? I mean why "Tsunami"? Why not just a new surf sim?

Pova: There were several thing actually.  First off, Tsunami Beach History, it has been around for so long and I have spent hours there surfing and talking and building relationships within the surf community and when it went away it was a big loss to me personally.  Maa has expressed the same to me in the past.  One of those relationships was Colleen Brennan, more or less, the heart of Tsunami Beach.  You have no idea how may hours we spent just talking Waves, Surfing, Board Performance, Trick Techniques and even personal stuff.   Then on top of that I'm a member of the Tsunami Surf Team and there is some Legacy there with all the surfers and finally it just seemed like the right thing to do.

MatyAnn: We know Tsunami Beach was missed, we missed it.  It's historical.
Black sand beaches,  years of comp's here, lot's of fun parties, my first dance with Pova was actually on the old boardwalk by the pier.  We wanted to  make it  less commercial and more native as they say... A happy peaceful place to surf, be lazy  and enjoy life here

Cierra: There are a lot of different niches on the sim. What is the story behind them?

Pova: Well, Tsunami Beach re-incarnated, since it couldn't be put back to the original as it was with FreePort attached, has been built more from sentiment from several parts of my life in SL and Maa's life in SL, while trying to preserve the spirit of Tsunami Beach.  The team clubhouse is a given, its Tsunami Beach.  The Club House build is one I made for my old Paradise Dream Sims and I really like it. Its a great place to hang with a great view. Colleen's Corner is heart of the sim of course.  The dance floor was a Maa creation to prod my DJ Career and give us a place to party.  The Man Cave is just that.  All men, lol, and the occasional woman as us men are nothing with out our women.  The shops are to help preserve the sim along with the rentals.  The rentals, however, are more geared to give the die hard Tsunami Beachians a place to live and be a part of Tsunami again.  Lastly there is the Light House.  That is the first item I ever put on a sim.  If you look at my profile, that light house is the one I'm standing next to some 5 or 6 years ago, plus its a great few and a nice place to neck, Check it out.

MaryAnn: The club house is 3 floors, 1st floor Pova's surfboard shop.  2nd floor  is  Tsunami Surf Team Clubhouse, with darts, pool table and a snazzy Hula Girl Bartender ... 3rd floor  is a wonderful spot to view the sim.

Now Colleen's Corner is a funny story, When Pova was editing land, there was a "hill" that would not flatten, Pova investigated and found it was still in Colleen's name... this little tiny square, survived 2 owners.... We joked it was where the bodies were hidden.  Pova joined it to the rest of the land and we put the little hut there, with 2 picture viewer's, one for Colleen and one for Kim with a rocking chair. Bandit has been  on duty guarding it.

The dance floor is a, humm, a cove surrounded by rocks,  you'll just have to come and see.... Now, Pova's Man Cave, started at our home, we decided to move it to Tsunami cause well Men need a cave ;-))

We have 4 shops, small little huts, 2 are rented 2 are available.
Bullet ( fuzzybutt ) has his wonderful art, and Lou Nizna his sexy swimsuits and t-shirts. There is an info hut in the middle.

We also have a light house, at the top is a Paradise Blanket, everyone is welcome to use it.. Now the  living arrangement here, we have a small island in the NW corner that is rented.  Four huts and 1 house. Each is a separate parcel and comes with it's own radio and TV... all are rented .
But you can ask if we have someplace to put you .. giggles

Cierra: What type of waves do you plan to use?

MaryAnn:   That is HOF Surf Pro 2008, Pova Rustamova's department.
There are boards you can rez by the landing area.

Pova: Whatever inspires me on the day, lol.  At the moment I have some old school waves in my inventory, such as epics, pipes and fluffies.  The fluffies are a big lag generator on the sim so their use may be limited, but I love fluffies.  I also, currently have some of the newer waves that include the Teaphoo and some 60M Sunsets and I'm looking to purchase some others if I can make some deals, lol.

Cierra: Anything else you want to add....

MaryAnn;  I have considered getting back in the wedding business, considering it on a small scale.
We purchased land on Freeport so we will have a place that holds people when we start having comps.

And a Grand Opening is in the  planning stage. we will  announce that as soon  as possible...
Pova and I  hope you all like  our vision of the sim, how it has turned out.

Also  a new group, * TSUNAMI BEACH *, please join  us so you don't miss out on news and fun times...

Pova: People this gift of love is here for you to use.  So come enjoy!!!!!!!

MaryAnn: (The) Grand Opening is May 8th, Tuesday from 6 to 9pm SLT.

Cierra: I will be there! I am sure it is going to be a great party. Tsunami Beach and Colleen meant a great deal to me. So thank you for doing this!

BTW - I have already moved in :)

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