Saturday, May 5, 2012

SLSA Solace Beach Fundraiser

Submitted by Jimbo the Cart Boy

As part of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Solace Beach Fundraiser held today, SLSA Director Revlon "Revy" Benoir taught a class in the art of surfboard making.

SLSA 50th Comp! Mark Your Calendars!

Posted by permission of SLSA

(Second Life Surfing Association) SLSA's 50th Comp Season 10, Series 4  will be held at Tai on SSi short-boards on the Cortes Wave "Return of the SHORTBOARD :)"

When: May 12th (open) and May 19th (pro) at 11:00 AM SLT
Where: Tai
Boards will be SSI Shortboard script 5.1, 5.2 or 5.2dlg.
Wave: Cortes

1. The Open comp will take place Saturday, May 12th (11am SLT). It will have it's own winners. There will be a podium, awards, trophies and all the fun stuff. All heat winners will advance to a final heat which will determine that overall event winner, winning prizes and trophies.
2. Twenty (20) positions in the Pro event will be filled in order of the current SLSA individual ranking of surfers, starting with the top ranked surfer(s) and continuing until all 20 spots are filled. Heat winners and runners-up from the Open competition will also advance to the Pro event. If you are in the top 20, you still need to register here :)
3. Registration will be open until midnight SLT, Tuesday, May 8th. In the event that fewer than 30 surfers have registered by that time, the Open competition will be merged and all registered surfers will advance to the Pro Competition. Also, registration will remain open until Tuesday, May 15th or when the total number of registrants reaches 30, whichever comes first.
Please register for the comp by going to the SLSA Web based Forum and replying to the post at :
Good luck ,have fun and party likes its the end of the mayan calendar!!

Prize Money
1st    2000
2nd    1700
3rd    1300
4th    800
5th    500
6th    300
7th    100
8th    100
9th    100
10th    100
11th    100
12th    100

Sponsorships with 976  member reach!!!  available from 900L contact Giavannamarie Melody for details.

Editors Note:  Per SLSA Director Sally LaSalle, "...there will be special goodies and souvenirs in the Rashie Packs Including Product Vouchers and Memorabilia :)".  Be sure to register today!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SLSA Team Member Informal Survey - Part 6

Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Prompted by some of the questions about teams being asked by people who are new to surfing in Second Life® and the SL Surfing Association (SLSA), Surfwatch recently conducted an informal survey of surfers who are currently registered as team members for teams who have had competitors in the SLSA competitions over the past year. While individuals will not be identified by response, the nature of some responses may be a bit individually unique and suggest who provided that response. For the most part, any edits to responses were kept to a minimum in order to provide anonymity to all. (Editor's note: This is part of a continuing series as SurfWatch posts the survey questions and responses.)

SW: You are listed on a team, but do you ever chose to compete as an individual rather than having your score counted toward the team? If so, how come?

I have always surfed for the team once I became a member.

I've always surfed with score going towards the team

I'm Surfcrazy, have been since Da Hui and before that Team Surf City.

Being on the team gives me a sense of belonging and I like having my score counted toward the team. I feel a little bad sometimes when I get low scores and bring my team down, but no one ever makes me feel that way--it's always "Everyone did great!" Everyone's very supportive and positive.

I don't compete often.

Heck no. I want to contribute any way I can. The easiest way to do it, is to surf for my team and contribute my score.

When I used to do simboarding, I chose to do so as an "Independent" rider. I got a lot of flack for it, but it was my decision to do this. The reason was that I failed to see any real worth to a team structure in an individual sport. I always saw the surfing teams in much the same way.

If they stuck to being social clubs, that would have been fine actually. I actually would have preferred that, but to add a team structure always made me squeamish. It put undue pressure on riders to perform "for the team", not to mention created situations in which "team rivalries" were taken too far.

No. I wouldn't have joined a team if I was just going to surf independently. I like surfing for the team so I'm glad to be part of it.

No for real..........why would you ask............ I stand righteous as a PIRANHA

Nope, I always surf for Montego.

(Editor's note: Stay tuned to SurfWatch for the next part of the SLSA Team Member Informal Survey!)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Registration Open for the SLSA Tai Chi Open/Pro

Registration has opened for the 50th event in SLSA competitions. The event will be held on the sim of Tai ( on May12th (Open) and May 19th (Pro). The wave is the Cortez and boards will be SSi Shortboards.

Registration will be open until midnight SLT, Tuesday, May 8th.  For all the details and to register head over to the SLSA fourm and them over to Tai to start practicing!

Virtual Highway - What We Offer Creators

Submitted by Marianna Monentes

Creators who come to Virtual Highway often ask what is it Virtual Highway can offer my business? We would first like to point out that you will find many of the same modern conveniences you have come to rely upon in Second Life. We have voice enabled for your presentations and meetings, you will find group choices and notices all working, we have group enabled search and currently working on our search features for InWorld businesses.

Set up your own world with meeting places for your Business, with 24/7 training or meeting facilities for your employees, complete with interaction.

Run your very own Radio Stations or set up your personal Streaming Music Server to broadcast your favorite music and advertising across the Internet.

Create Products and sell them, or rent out your own Regions to all your friends and all the new adventurers into the world you are part of creating.

What about Content how safe is it? We have purposely not enabled Hypergrid Our decision to not have Hyper Grid was reached after considering the problem of people buying your content, taking it to other grids and changing the permissions. We at Virtual Highway, are passionate about your creations, and just as passionate about protecting them. We have unique security systems in place as well as a dedicated team ready to respond quickly to help insure your content remains yours.

Are there any incentives to help my business move to Virtual Highway?

Yes we have offers of space depending on your needs from shops to SIMs, this is free initially. Tiers will be charged once traffic builds. We offer free uploads so that you can bring in your creations.

We offer everything you will ever need to create and enjoy your very own virtual world. No matter what your dreams or desires are, you can build it to share with others and enjoy. Please join us, let us show you there is a difference when you decide to become a creator in Virtual Highway, we will do everything in our power to help in your success.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Avatars Who Surf Megaprims SL Kayak Surf Competition Today!

Submitted by Kayaker Magic

What: "The Avatars Who Surf Megaprims" - A Monthly Kayak Surf Contest

When: April 29th, 2012, 2pm SLT

Prizez: 1st Place: $750L + Gold Trophy
2nd Place: $500L + Silver Trophy
3rd Place: $250L + Bronze Trophy

"The Avatars who Surf Megaprims" is a Kayak Surf Contest sponsored by:
Ocean Engineering - Don't give up land to surf, surf off-sim! See it in-world at the

A free paddle and surf kayak is available at the landmark above. There are free waves to practice and demo on. Additional instructions will be given Sunday Evenings 8-9pm SLT by Lifeguard Kayaker Magic!

The contest will take place Sunday, April 29, Midafternoon (2pm SLT) when the waves are at their highest! Judging will be done by our local resident Kayaker Magic! Contestants will be judged based on:

Water Handling - paddling out over waves & exiting waves gracefully as they break.
Style Points - awarded for turns, riding high on a wave (without slipping over the back), using more of the wave face.

Surfers will have 3 attempts to obtain the best score possible. The highest of the 3 rides will be kept and used for the final judging.

The Fabulous DJ Ene will be spinning all the splashies tunes that you and he can find.

Spots are limited to the first 10 surfers to click on the sign-up-sign at this location:

For more information, email Soulstress Resident at: