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Up Close and Personal: Imzadi "Zadi" Amaterasu

Submitted by Cierra Theriac

SurfWatch Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) special correspondent, Cierra Theriac, recently met with newly elected SLSA Director, Imzadi "Zadi" Amaterasu, to share more about her background and interests with the virtual surfing community.

SurfWatch (SW): Tell us how you got involved in Second Life (SL) surfing?
Imzadi Amaterasu (IA): I have to give that credit to DJ Dan. He asked me to help him with competitions hosting and keeping track of local chat while he got requests and loaded them up. The crowd was great and the surfing looked so much fun.

SW:  You have served one term as a director previously. What prompted your decision to run for SLSA Director again?
IA: Well besides the fact that I am a workaholic *laughs* I guess I would have to say the desire to be involved.

SW:  What areas of improvement do you currently see for the SLSA as an organization?
IA: Staffing is a major concern at the moment that we need to improve on. It seems like the same people month after month are working comps.

SW:  What do you see as the top issues facing SL surfing in general, and what do you see as your first priority as an SLSA director?
IA: The top issue I see facing SL surfing in general are the creators. I dont mean to offend any of them and its not about blaming either. There has been a definite absence of surfing creators who develop both board scripting and waves. Now RL could of manifested its ugly self taking them away, we all know how that goes but I think we all have seen where some people just move on to the next big thing. I hope thats not the case and nothing too bad has happened to any of them but I am concerned if their absence continues and no new development occurs, what the future of SL surfing will become. Ya, we can always hop on a Sunset but with SL always changing ya never know what can break. We all know how they like the break stuff and give us headaches.

SW:  The SLSA modified the stipulation that a rider could miss one comp each season and not have it count against their rank in order to allow more people to volunteer to judge comps. Now if a surfer judges a competition they are "given rank points for that event equal to their averaged surfing place for the season." Do you feel this will address the issue of getting more surfers to volunteer to judge and how do your feel about everyone still being able to drop their lowest score for the season?
IA: I think its an awesome incentive and is a fair way to give the judges credit for spending 3+ sometimes 5+ hours on a saturday rather than being in the spectator stands having fun but.. do I think it will get more volunteers, I would have to say no, I dont. To be honest, I dont know what will. In the past we have tried letting the community know we were low on staff and formed classes, but how many of those who took the class actually put it to use? I know several did and props to them for hearing the cry for help and following thru but how many didnt. I am tryin to get classes formed for April for both judges and marshall.
As for the dropping of the lowest score for the season.. whew.. I know there are just days when its all down hill. So thats a great thing if someone is just having an off day.

SW: There has been discussion and polling of surfers about allowing other board types and wave types other than SSi.  The SLSA is planning one competition this season with LSD boards. What are your thoughts on allowing other scripts into the competition season?
IA: Im on the fence about this to be honest. I see both the pros and cons. It will give a challenge to people to learn new boards and new styles, a new freshness to comps. However now everyone knows how these boards work. By this I am meaning, in order to have a LSD board comp, I would think the judges would have to know what a LSD board can do. How else can they judge fairly on handling of board, smoothness of ride, trick etc. They can visually see it but they might not know the skill needed to carve. Personally my first official board was a LSD and I found it more advanced, it definitely takes skill.
Another factor that makes me on the fence is overall fairness to the other board makers. I've heard a lot of stories of the past and I can agree some people were wronged but is it fair to the riders who love these other manufacturer boards. Is it right to endorse one maker and not the others. Is it right to base the decision of allowing other boards on a single persons opinion of a manufacturer.
I could go on and on about this but I wont bore you. But you can see why I am on the fence. Most of my thoughts about it contradict one another and I just cant come to a final thought because there is so many things to consider.
Dislike the creator, not the board. The board just wants to find the perfect wave.

SW: That's it for the tough questions. (Laughs)
IA: Geez, I was about to get a headache with those tough questions but they needed addressed. I hate being so negative but the only way to find issues and get them resolved isnt by putting on a smiling face and say theres nothing wrong. Its done by realizing whats going on, addressing it, and ramming it down with a giant 4x4 LOL

SW: What board is your current favorite and why?
IA: My current fav is my Surfcrazy board cause my sweetie made it for me. Yes, Im biased. LOL

SW: What wave is your current favorite and why?
IA: The Sunset by High Performance has always been one of my favorite waves.

SW: What are some of your favorite SL surfing spots and why?
IA: Aside from our home sim that we surf on, which is my favorite because its private, I would have to say Braata and Monkey. Monkey cause of its 200m Sunset and Braata cause of the open feel of the sim and I love the sharks.

SW:  Anything else you would like readers to know about you?
IA: Relay For Life is very close to me. The RFL season started in March and runs till July. If you see donation kiosks, I encourage you to drop some linden in them. To me, it doesnt matter which team it goes to. All money ends up to the same place, American Cancer Society. We are also taking cash USD donations too this year that go straight to ACS. Cancer effects so many peoples lives and the lives of their families. By relaying and spreading the message, we can give the support to the researchers who work diligently to try and find a cure that takes so many peoples lives. If you would like details on how to participate or information on how to donate, please contact me. And lastly, I have a secret!

SW: I want to thank for taking the time to talk to us and letting us get to know you a little better.

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