Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SLSA Team Member Informal Survey - Part 3

Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Prompted by some of the questions about teams being asked by people who are new to surfing in Second Life® and the SL Surfing Association (SLSA), Surfwatch recently conducted an informal survey of surfers who are currently registered as team members for teams who have had competitors in the SLSA competitions over the past year. While individuals will not be identified by response, the nature of some responses may be a bit individually unique and suggest who provided that response. For the most part, any edits to responses were kept to a minimum in order to provide anonymity to all. (Editor's note: This is part of a continuing series as SurfWatch posts the survey questions and responses.)

SW: How does your team handle adding new members?

Any member can invite someone to join.

We've taken a lot of newcomers in that we've helped learn to surf, or are new to surfing.

If a surfer shows desire to ride in contests and can give up the time to ride them SurfCrazy may invite to join team. By invitation from Captain Mick.

The team leaders is pretty particular about who joins our team. We meet surfers on the beach and surf with them. If they have that soul that we are looking for we invite them to join us.

Very efficiently and with open arms. It is a very flat structure and the people are warm and friendly.

The team is pretty open to letting anyone want to try out. I usually like to add people with specific requirements in my mind. I usually like to know I can get along with the person and makes an effort into actually trying. Also someone who is enthusiastic!

If one cares to realize, use of a surfboard... is rather obvious

There is no magic formula, just whoever seems to fit and wants to join and has fun. We have been really fortunate to have some great surfers and more importantly really great people join over the past couple of seasons.

(Editor's note: Stay tuned to SurfWatch for the next part of the SLSA Team Member Informal Survey!)

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