Saturday, April 28, 2012

SLSA LV Dominion Pro Results

The second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) LV Dominion Pro event was held on Saturday, April 28th. The stands were rocking and waves were pumping. Lots of new faces who did outstanding and two (!) surf-offs in the semi-finals. An exciting comp all-around!

Heat 1 
Sunrize Mornington  15.00000
Maldrul Morris   14.83333
Rayzza Rubble    15.16667
Roxxie Verino    14.33333

Heat 2 
Bobbi Laval      16.50000
Cierra Theriac   14.66667
Melian Catronis  13.66667
Violet Rain      14.33333
AllieJ Resident  9.000000

Heat 3
Damiana Babcock  15.00000
Harbor Piers     15.33333
Clyde Barrow     14.16667
Surfista Hurricane  14.50000

Heat 4 
Abel Halderman   15.33333
Imzadi Amaterasu  14.66667
Ashoka Mosely    15.16667
Sweetrage4chu Jinx  14.16667
lanky Silvercloud  15.16667

Heat 5 
Zelda Zimberman  14.83333
Vic Bonetto      15.66667
Lourinho Nizna   14.66667
Wilfrid Decuir   14.33333
CK Carver        15.16667

Heat 6 
Jordan Mendle    14.66667
Petra Xaris      14.66667
Giavannamarie Melody  13.66667
Robbin Ember     14.83333

Semi-Final 1
Rayzza Rubble    15.33333
Abel Halderman   14.50000
Cierra Theriac   14.50000
CK Carver    14.66667
Jordan Mendle    15.66667

Semi-Final 2
Bobbi Laval      16.50000
Vic Bonetto      14.83333  22 in surf off 
Damiana Babcock  14.33333
Petra Xaris      14.33333
lanky Silvercloud  14.83333  23 in surf off

Semi-Final 3
Harbor Piers     15.33333
Robbin Ember     14.50000
Sunrize Mornington  15.16667  22.5 surf off
Ashoka Mosely    15.16667  23.5 surf off

1st -Bobbi Laval      16.00000
2nd - Ashoka Mosely    15.33333
3rd - Rayzza Rubble    15.16667
3rd - lanky Silvercloud  15.16667
5th - Harbor Piers     15.00000
6th - Jordan Mendle    14.33333

Event Coordinator - Imzadi Amaterasu
Head Judge - Sally LaSalle
Judge - Mick Lunasea
Judge- Xander Dutera
Marshall - Maldrul Morris/Robbin Ember
DJ - DJ Dan
Rashies and Trophies - Imzadi Amaterasu

The event would not have gone so smoothly without a great staff. SLSA is in need of volunteers willing to help staff the events. No staff, no event. Anyone interested in training for a staff position is asked to contact Imzadi Amaterasu.

(BTW - Congrats to Abel and Jordan who announced their Real Life engagement!)


Roxxie Verino-Graycloud said...

As a complete newbie surfer, I was so impressed by the excellent surfing and by how well it was organized. Kudos to the judges, marshalls, EC, DJ, and everyone else who helped it all happen. See you all at the next one! :)

CK.Carver said...

Congratulations Abel and Jordan, I wish you both unrivaled happiness and love in the journey ahead.
Quite a few of us thought it was a recipe for disaster when you two got together, but Im so glad we were ALL wrong. You have made each other better people for it, and I for one, am really glad it's happening for you both. May others also feel the warm of your love and let it shine on for an eternity!
Just goes to show ya, that two wrongs CAN make a right eh!. haha
Muuuaaahhh! Huggzz you both tight! XXXXXXXXXXXX your friend, Kat the Twat.