Sunday, April 8, 2012

PixelObsessions Easter Comp Results

PixelObsessions and LiveWaves Music venue presented an Old School, Vibe Stoked Surf Comp on April 8th, Easter Sunday.

Robin Mapp and his Mrs. Monq Pinklady Mapp with Lissa Sands, Mick Lunasea and JT and Shi Castanea worked some cool time to present this event.

Single sim comp with the lag monster on our heels we held together to make this comp a cool vibe.  Thanks to all who participated.

Winner was VW Sands....when was the last time we saw this dude surf?

Second place was a tie with Robin Mapp and Sunrize Mornington and our third place went to Petra Xaris.

We learned a lot and are already preparing the next comp to be held somewhere on an awesome surf sim.

Stay tuned into PixelObsessions

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