Sunday, April 15, 2012

SLSA Team Member Informal Survey - Part 2

Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Prompted by some of the questions about teams being asked by people who are new to surfing in Second Life® and the SL Surfing Association (SLSA), Surfwatch recently conducted an informal survey of surfers who are currently registered as team members for teams who have had competitors in the SLSA competitions over the past year. While individuals will not be identified by response, the nature of some responses may be a bit individually unique and suggest who provided that response. For the most part, any edits to responses were kept to a minimum in order to provide anonymity to all. (Editor's note: This is part of a continuing series as SurfWatch posts the survey questions and responses.)

SW: How did you pick the team to join?

I selected the first team who asked me to join.
I was born into mine I guess :P

I'm Surfcrazy

I wanted to help support the sim that supported a charity

I joined the first team that invited me. :) GO SURFCRAZY!!

I have been around the community for a while. I never really considered surfing competitively until this season. I thought I would like join a team. I loved the name of the team and called the owner Sally. When she explained it was more a of surfing zen experience I knew it was the right team for me.

My experience with Montego was very different from the others. They welcomed my wife and myself equally, even though, I was the surfer. They were humble and didn't try to exude a feeling of elitism about their team. The culture seemed to be more about, connecting with people. My wife and I felt welcomed into the Montego family, it was a no brainer to join when asked.

They bugged me long enough. No, really. They wanted me on the team, and they worked me over for a month or two before I finally gave in.

I didn't really have any intention to join any team and wanted to surf independently. I thought many of the teams were huge in numbers and I just thought I might get lost in it. But one of my teammates changed my mind, she was sweet and genuine about the whole approach. The team was super small at first but I found the team morale freshly appealing.

As far as picking the team,it picked me lol, well Jordan Halderman,then Mendle picked me after I won my first comp at Braata beach and I couldn't have been more thrilled,her, Bobbi, Gia and all the others made me feel like family and I'll never forget that.

That trick is classic as f*ck...gut and heart decide

Montego was initially formed as a successor to the former Cornish Beach team, which is where I first started to compete. At the time, Cornish needed surfers, and I got my first chance to compete. But the team has completely changed since then and is its own team now.

(Editor's note: Stay tuned to SurfWatch for the next part of the SLSA Team Member Informal Survey!)

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