Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Avatars Who Surf Megaprims SL Kayak Surf Competition Today!

Submitted by Kayaker Magic

What: "The Avatars Who Surf Megaprims" - A Monthly Kayak Surf Contest

When: April 29th, 2012, 2pm SLT

Prizez: 1st Place: $750L + Gold Trophy
2nd Place: $500L + Silver Trophy
3rd Place: $250L + Bronze Trophy

"The Avatars who Surf Megaprims" is a Kayak Surf Contest sponsored by:
Ocean Engineering - Don't give up land to surf, surf off-sim! See it in-world at the

A free paddle and surf kayak is available at the landmark above. There are free waves to practice and demo on. Additional instructions will be given Sunday Evenings 8-9pm SLT by Lifeguard Kayaker Magic!

The contest will take place Sunday, April 29, Midafternoon (2pm SLT) when the waves are at their highest! Judging will be done by our local resident Kayaker Magic! Contestants will be judged based on:

Water Handling - paddling out over waves & exiting waves gracefully as they break.
Style Points - awarded for turns, riding high on a wave (without slipping over the back), using more of the wave face.

Surfers will have 3 attempts to obtain the best score possible. The highest of the 3 rides will be kept and used for the final judging.

The Fabulous DJ Ene will be spinning all the splashies tunes that you and he can find.

Spots are limited to the first 10 surfers to click on the sign-up-sign at this location:

For more information, email Soulstress Resident at:

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