Saturday, April 7, 2012

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A New Golden Age

Submitted by Syx Toshi

June 23, 2003, it’s been a while! For all that don’t know that date, it's the day Second Life (SL) was launched by Linden Labs (LL). Now I’m sure the world that came into existence that day was very different from what we see today. Like SL itself, our little community of surfers and beach loving avatars have changed over the years.  Our waves, boards, even appearances only have a passing resemblance to their predecessors.

I first experienced SL in the Beta phase.  Hated it and didn’t try it again until 2007. Recently I have been away from the surfing scene and SL as a whole for over 6 months, just popping in here and there when my schedule would permit. It seems like a lot of my oldest friends and acquaintances are doing the same. Upon my return I was hit with the terrible news that Tsunami Beach was being retired. Tsunami was one of my very favorite places and Colleen (Brennan) made me feel welcome from the moment I met her.

We, like all of SL, have seen highs and low, but one thing is constant is evolution. Old friends return to the beach less frequently, but we also meet new eager friends discovering SL and surfing in SL for the first time. Can you remember when you saw your first wave? You were probably as mesmerized as I was. I had explored the many landscapes and worlds here in SL and couldn’t believe it when I stumbled on a beach where there were waves, and then spotting someone paddling out on a board I almost jumped out of my avatar skin!

Surfing in SL is where I found my home, the beaches, waves, boards and most importantly people were what I was looking for. Even with the drama of competitions, organizations, creators, you name it, one thing is constant; we all live and breath SL surfing. We love it!

Returning to SL has been somewhat melancholy for me. I am sad to see great beaches and people no longer here. I was feeling really down and was really thinking about packing it in. I have been coming in world here and there talking to a few friends, but I was so down about “how it used to be”, I didn’t even like going in my own shop.

This past Saturday the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) had a surf competition at Monkey Cove. Although I couldn’t be at the competition past the opening heat, something I didn’t expect happened; My mood changed! It was a simple thing really, just talking here and there with the surfers competing really made me feel happy. For me there were names I had never seen before and new surfers truly excited, and some nervous about competing.

This was a great experience for me. There are certainly people in surfing that have been here and involved much longer then me, but my AV’s also no spring chicken. I’ve seen what some have said was the apex of SL excitement. I recently read an article that SL is primed for a renaissance. With changes in management and the in-world experience, some are saying LL could see an influx of new users and in turn new exciting advancements.

Slowly I’m starting to feel the same about my own SL experience. I feel some sort of small energy out there that if nurtured could explode into a new golden age. This isn’t only for SL but for our own little corner of the world. With new beaches and new surfers dipping their toe in the virtual water, it’s up to all of us to welcome them into the pool. The more we can look at our sport and favorite pastime in new creative ways, the more people we can include. Just like everything that exists or ever existed, we must evolve or go the way of the dinosaur. I would love to hear comments from everyone and as always I enjoy the negative as much as the positive.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Virtual Highway tomorrow, Saturday April 7, Music!!!

Submitted by Marianna Monentes

We have your day planned for Saturday April 7!!

First we have:
Torben Asp LIVE
Keyboard Wizardry and Particle Light Show
Concert in The Park
The melody arises, it’s harmonious tendrils gently swirl around, slowly encompassing the senses.
There is something magical about music, it’s indescribable power to instill and bring forth emotions, thoughts and memories. Torben Asp has harnessed that magic in his musical compositions to emphasize feelings and visions to his attentive audience.
Torben’s performances are arranged electronically using music software and a MIDI keyboard. “I want to create pictures and set you in a certain mood instead of being the next superstar and I like to call it Recreative Music.”
From the high energy electronica by Darude and the pioneer of synths Jean Michel Jarre to the classical master compositions of Mozart and Vivaldi, Torben has a wealth of inspiration.
What people have said:
-"Torben Asp, creates a swirling vortex of amazing electronic orchestrations."
-"Hailing from Denmark, Torben is one of SL's most unique and expert Live Music performers."
-"His sounds will sometimes shake you in your boots, or lull you into a dreamy sleep."

Then we have:
Tone Uriza simulcasting from his RL Club in Tucson Az.
Doors Open at 8PM PST
Boondocks Lounge
Tucson's own Tony and the Torpedoes will be playing this Saturday April 7, 2012 at the Boondocks Lounge in Tucson, Arizona from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am MST/PST with Heather "Lil' Mama" Hardy. Don't miss this stellar lineup of Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame members. Doors open at 8:00 pm and the cover charge is $5.00. The Boondocks Lounge is a friendly neighborhood bar and grill offering home-cooked meals until 10:00 p.m. Pool tables, smoking patio, plenty of parking and seating, drink specials and fun! See you there.
P.S. For those of you that would like to catch this show virtually I will be streaming it live. Here are the options:
If you have a flash enabled browser go
If you would like to just hear the show go
If you would like to visit the virtual Boondocks Lounge join Virtual Highway and look around the Welcome area for the Boondocks Lounge. You can't miss it.

Kayaker Indeed Makes Magic

Submitted by Marianna Monentes

Sometimes we just have to believe...and that is just what I did when I searched YouTube for anything that would help my husband RW (Reemer Waco) and I, bring surfing to Virtual Highway. I searched “wave making in Second Life (SL)” and was stunned to see a video actually come up. It didn't explain how to make the wave but it was clearly brilliant marketing strategy on Kayaker Magic's part to list his video as such.

Watching the video I knew I had to have his wave. I had never seen one so perfectly sculpted with a curl that actually curls over and falls to the beach and breaks on shore, amazing wave he created using Blender and the years of coding experience he has in RL (Real Life).

The wave was only one aspect of surfing that we had to acquire and then tweak the scripts to work in OpenSim environment which is a daunting task for most but with Kayaker's experience in coding and OpenSim capabilities we had a chance. The other of course is the board. Imagine if you will, scripting a board to work is a challenge even in SL but in an OpenSim it is even more so. OpenSimulator is neither a clone of Second Life's server nor does it aim at becoming such a clone. On the contrary, OpenSimulator lacks support for many of the game-specific features of Second Life (on purpose), while pursuing innovative directions towards becoming the bare bones, but extensible, server of the 3D Web. So with that being said we had quite the challenge ahead.

I contacted Kayaker Magic and within a very short time I had a reply he was willing to try. So we had him begin what would become the most exciting days in Virtual Highway for us. Testing the scripts as he worked his “magic” Kayaker in no time had his wave running and crashing to the shore in perfect rythym to the virtual moon. Next came the board.

Kayaker had designed a system in Second Life for surfing that I tried. I felt if we could just bring that to Virtual Highway with perhaps a few other tricks added that I liked... this would indeed be awesome. The tricks we will need if we have competitions in the future. Kayaker explained once again the challenge that lay ahead.

He added the animations and the script he had painstakingly perfected for OpenSim environment and he totally amazed me with the quality of surfboard he achieved. The only issue I had was that it didn't turn easy enough for me to cut up and down the wave and flip as I loved to do. I explained this to Kayaker and he added my flip and explained the turning in OpenSim would require a bit more tweaking then told me he had one more trick up his sleeve.

Before trying that trick, Kayaker took a day off and had a play with weathermaking.

It was about 10 at night when Kayaker IM(instant messaged) with the news his trick worked!! He got it to turn easier for me!! He said he placed Corona Girl, my surfboard in my inventory. All smiles here!! Tomorrow morning I rise to test the first Virtual Highway surfboard thanks to Kayaker Magic.

Finding Corona Girl in my inventory felt like Christmas. The incredible exuberant feeling of having my board here in Virtual Highway, Kayaker Magic it is through happy tears and a smile, I say thank you my friend.

(Editors note:  While surfing in Virtual Highway is significantly different from surfing in Second Life and is still at a very early stage, it is a brilliant starting point to achieving in opensim a sport that many love and enjoy in Second Life. The input and participation of the virtual surf community will only help to refine and improve Virtual Highway surfing.)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

NOOB and NOW: Zelda Zimberman

Submitted by Jimbo the Cart Boy

We all know that change can be good, especially when it comes to our personal appearances. Your friends at SurfWatch are excited to bring to you a new ongoing feature we like to call "NOOB and NOW". Today we proudly present to you, Zelda Zimberman: 

Zelda Zimberman - NOOB

Zelda Zimberman - NOW

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kantbe Serious: All Coyotes Aren't Ugly

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Is there a Coyote Ugly® Saloon in Second Life®?  Maybe, maybe not, but some of your surfer friends were caught in the moment at Tanya Palianta's Girls on Film dance club on Chi.

I'm sure these dancers were ID'd before being let close to the bar, although two look suspiciously young.  Surely an ID on a club napkin written in Crayon is legit.  Let's see if you can ID who they are.

(Editor's note:  Be the first to correctly ID the dancers in the comment section of this post and win L500 in-world!)

NOOB and NOW: JT Castanea

Submitted by Jimbo the Cart Boy

We all know that change can be good, especially when it comes to our personal appearances. Your friends at SurfWatch are excited to bring to you a new ongoing feature we like to call "NOOB and NOW". Today we proudly present to you, JT Castanea: 

JT Castanea - NOOB

JT Castanea - NOW

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Solace Beach Rentals

Lots are 4200L$/week, but discounted to L$4000/week for Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) members - just ask us when you rent to change the tier box.

Surf Waves, Kanaloa Cove (131, 93, 22)

This island is a near-twin of Lenore, with two luxury parcels and a surfing wave for your enjoyment. The same prices and discounts apply.
Surf Island Ocean, Lenore (129, 93, 22)

Lucienne is a beach island with smaller, very affordable lots. It has an awesome Mesh wave in the center that changes shape, for a realistic surfing experience. We will discount tiers on this sim to 1.7L$/prim/week for SLSA members - contact us when you rent.
Surfing Sim - Beach Land for Sale, Lucienne (161, 94, 21) -

Community and Amenities
When you rent from Solace Beach Estates, you are supporting the surfing community. We rent the SLSA sim at cost, and provide our adjacent sim for events free of charge. We also offer great community events such as live music. We are not the cheapest land company in SL, we are a small company that prides ourselves on great customer support and community building. We hope you'll consider us for your home!
Solace Beach Rentals Rent Buy La, Solace Beach (174, 22, 21)

Virtual Highway Surf Association

Submitted by Marianna Monentes

Virtual Highway Surf Association (VHSA) was born with the hopes of bringing surfing to the Virtual Highway. With all of us working together that dream will become a reality… the dream of endless summers on the Virtual Highway.

Tiffany Magic and logger Sewel, inspired us when Tiffany Magic IM me and asked what to name her newly created surf SIMS. All she had to say is “surf” and already in my mind the association was born. When a very good friend said to name our surf shop Virtual Highway Surf Association", I then created the group.  Before the wave, before the board...because to me the association just needed the surfers we could sure make waves.

The board and wave at the present time is a board and wave by Kayaker Magic. For the last few weeks, I have been watching him test various scripts, and he has a board that indeed brings a smile to my face. It is simply amazing to me we can actually surf in OpenSim -- to me that is quite an accomplishment. Many have tried to create a surfboard script and even in Second Life (SL), it is a major undertaking.
Kayaker Magic has been wonderful to work with, he never once told me no...he said we can try. Thank you, Kayaker, for bringing surfing to Virtual Highway, I for one. will be forever indebted. Kayaker makes other great products such as kayaks and amazingly realistic aquatic life too, which he will be bringing to Virtual Highway soon.

Welcome to V.H.S.A.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

SLSA Monkey Cove Pro Results

Submitted by Cierra Theriac

On Saturday, March 31st, the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) held the Monkey Cove Pro on the beautiful sim of Syx which has been temporarily changed to a black sand beach in tribute to Tsunami Beach.  There was incredible surfing and a lot of new faces. As usual it was a wonderful event and a good time was had by all.  Congratulations to everyone who surfed and a huge thank you to all who contributed to making this another successful event.

Sunrize Mornington  17.00000
Damiana Babcock  16.66667
Abel Halderman   16.16667
Jordan Mendle    15.50000
Bobbi Laval      15.33333
Followingwave Sirbu  12.00000

Semi 1
Bobbi Laval      16.33333
Toungemy Badger  15.83333
Vic Bonetto      15.00000
Damiana Babcock  16.83333

Semi 2
Sunrize Mornington  16.83333
Petra Xaris      15.00000
Cierra Theriac   15.00000
Jordan Mendle    15.50000

Semi 3
Abel Halderman   16.50000
Followingwave Sirbu  15.50000 - surf off score 7.50
Harbor Piers     15.50000 - surf off score 4.50
Sally LaSalle    13.50000

Heat 1
Bobbi Laval      16.50000
Cierra Theriac   14.50000
Ashoka Mosely    13.83333
Trista Potez     12.16667

Heat 2
Sunrize Mornington  15.66667
Melian Catronis  13.16667
Buck Ghostraven  12.33333
Cristal Rowland  12.00000
Harbor Piers     15.33333

Heat 3
Abel Halderman   16.33333
Vic Bonetto      15.16667
Gia Melody       13.16667
SweetRage4chu Jinx  13.16667
Jen Gustafson    13.66667

Heat 4
Zelda Zimberman  15.00000
Rayzza Rubble    14.16667
NicuTzi Resident  14.00000
Jordan Mendle    15.16667
Toungemy Badger  15.33333

Heat 5
NevenJr     13.00000
Petra Xaris      16.00000
Sally LaSalle    15.33333
sven Homewood    11.33333

Heat 6
Followingwave Sirbu  16.50000
Lourinho Nizna   14.16667
Damiana Babcock  16.00000

Event Coordinator (EC) : Gia Melody
Head Judge (HJ): Maldrul Morris
Judge: Robbin Ember
Judge: Revlon Benoir
Marshall: Cloudy Mikado
Security: Rayzza Rubble
DJ: Ensane Jefferson
Rashguards (Rashies) by Revy Benoir

Kantbe Serious: Have You Gotten WETS lately?

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Through a tip from an unidentified and unreliable source, SurfWatch is pleased to announce in this exclusive story that after many months of hard work and even harder negotiations, the joint efforts of SLSA, ABBSL, ASA, MUST, IOOF, and radio station KLTZ, have convinced Linden Labs to reverse their policy of not providing any land grant sims and a new collection of 13 Full and Homestead sims dedicated to surfing in SL have been established.  Originally, since this was a united effort to transform surfing in Second Life, they called the new organization Second Life United to Transform Surfing.  However, after reflecting upon this for a couple of seconds, they decided to change the name to World Enterprise to Transform Surfing, or WETS.

The 13 sims are arranged so that there are 5 Homestead sims with 5 adjoining full sims so that there will be plenty of locations for surfing, competitions and spectators.  Three Full sims will be available for development of new wave and surfboard technologies.  Wave and board scripting developers are encouraged to contact WETS representatives if interested in making arrangements for the use of these development sims.

WETS Headquarters
Since the Lindens understand how important sim performance is to surfing in Second Life, all of these sims will be running on beta versions of the Class 10 servers.  The only potential drawback, according to Gearbox Linden, is there are relatively frequent spontaneous restarts.  He was quick to point out, however, that the rumors of lost inventory items for those on the sims at the time of a restart have been greatly exaggerated and the sudden disconnection from the asset servers typically will result in no more than 30-40% inventory loss no more than 80% of the time.  While Linden Labs cannot restore those lost items, they can provide land marks and URL's to some of the most popular stores inworld and on MarketPlace for replacing those items.

The development sims will also include the use of the alpha version of the Havok 2015 engine.  This is a totally new rewrite of the current Havok engine and won't be burdened by the minor tweaks made since the change to Havok 4.  According to some reports, the changes are substantial and will be another jump forward like the upgrade to Havok 4.  As was experienced then, there is the potential that all waves and surfboards will have to be replaced, but that remains to be seen.  Havok 2015 has also been redesigned specifically for the overwhelmingly popular mesh support.  Not only will newly designed waves and boards be able to interact at a smaller object level, any mesh clothing and hair can also interact with the waves.  Now, surfing in that gown or baggy jeans can drag you off the board and under water just as in real life.  This will no doubt stimulate the market for mesh beachwear using less bulky and faster drying material.

As an extra bonus, WETS has negotiated an arrangement that makes it possible for any public surfing sim owner to apply for an upgrade to the Class 10 servers with the Havok 2015 engine for a nominal one time fee.  Due to the beta and alpha nature of the server and the alpha collision API Linden Lab cannot offer any support for any issues that may arise, nor can they help troubleshoot whether an issue is a normal Second Life issue or one caused by the beta server or alpha software.  But such an opportunity may be hard to pass up.  If you're a sim owner and are interested, please contact a WETS representative.

SurfWatch believes this could be a significant change to surfing in Second Life and exciting times are ahead.  Let's all get out there and get WETS!!!

[OK, the SW source is April Fools - :-) ]

PixelObsessions Surf Comp and Party!

Submitted by Monq (Pinklady) Mapp



APRIL 8TH 2012

1ST PRIZE ... 5000L
RUNNER-UP.... 3000L
3RD.... 1500L

REGISTRATIONS.... to Shilow Castanea.... Carter... or Monq Mapp..... Pinklady
Boards: All boards are allowed

Please note:
PixelObsessions Comp Rez Area
LiveWaves Music Venue

LiveWaves Music Venue

Registrations will close on the April 7 2012. You will receive a comp pack after your registration the night of the 7th . Please contact Monq or Shi if you do not receive yours . You will be informed of your heat color in the Rashie Pack. The Comp will start 12pm slt sharp.. All judges decisions will be final. Consider yourself disqualified if you harass or argue with the judges. All competitors must obey the beach Marshall when called for your heats and when to take to the water etc etc... Each competitor will have 3 waves to show their stuff then at the end of each heat there will be a party wave where all competitors jump on an have a laugh.. :))) this wave is not scored... The best two waves of your heat will be scored...The first two in each draw will go thru to the semi's and finals.. All competitors will receive a comp outfit of a t shirt and board shorts just for getting involved.

So come on over to PixelObsessions Surf Party Comp and have some fun and maybe win a few linden as well....

Seeyas in the surf :))))
Shilow Castanea ......
Owner/Manager PixelObsessions

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