Saturday, October 22, 2011

SLSA Season 2 Tsunami Pro Surf Comp Scores

Bobbi Laval  18.500
Wilfrid Decuir 17.666
JT Castanea  16.000
Buck Ghosthaven  15.833
Maha Adder  15.166
Maldrul Morris  14.833

Heat 1:
Wilfrid Decuir  17.166
Mick Lunasea  15.666
Cierra Theriac  16.833
Maldrul Morris   17.833

Heat 2:
Katey Spiritwat  14.333
Maha Adder       16.000
Melian Catronis  13.833
Buck GhostRaven  15.333

Heat 3:
Bobbi Laval      16.666
Colleen Brennan  12.166
JT Castanea      13.666
followingwaves Sirbu   9.3333

Heat 1:
Wilfrid Decuir   15.000
JT Castanea      13.166
Figger Arun      13.000
Twixt Mode       12.000
Ashoka Modely   NS

Heat 2:
Sunrize Mornington  14.666
Cierra Theriac   14.833
Yari Ziplon     NS
Katey Spiritweaver  15.500
JukkaEspo Resident  NS

Heat 3:
Damiana Babcock  7.5000
Bobbi Laval      16.333
Melian Catronis  10.666
amatsu Dezno    NS

Heat 4:
Followingwaves Sirbu  11.666
Xander Datura   NS
Mick Lunasea     14.833
Valium Lavender  NS

Heat 5:
Maldrul Morris   13.000
Jayden Domenici 12.000
Curshaw Resident  NS
Maha Adder   15.666

Heat 6:
Colleen Brennan  17.000
sven Homewood    14.000
Robbin Ember     14.333
Buck GhostRaven  16.166

Friday, October 21, 2011

SLSA Season 2 Tsunami Surf Comp Pro Heats

When: Saturday October 22nd,
Time:  11:00am SL
Where: Tsunami Beach (spectator Stands on Freeport Sim)
Board: Longboard >3.38m visible prim
Wave: LSD

Heat 1
Wilfrid Decuir (RED)
JT Castanea (BLUE)
Figger Arun (GREEN)
Twixt Mode (ORANGE)
Ashoka Modely (PURPLE)

Heat 2
Sunrize Mornington (RED)
Cierra Theriac (BLUE)
Yari Ziplon (GREEN)
Katey Spiritwater (ORANGE)
Jukka (PURPLE)

Heat 3
Damiana Babcock (RED)
Bobbi Laval (BLUE)
Melian Catronis (GREEN)
amatsu Dezno (ORANGE)

Heat 4
Followingwaves Sirbu (RED)
Xander Datura (BLUE)
Mick Lunasea (GREEN)
Valium Lavender (ORANGE)

Heat 5
Maldrul Morris (RED)
Jayden Domenice (BLUE)
Curshaw (GREEN)
Maha Adder (ORANGE)

Heat 6
Colleen Brennan (RED)
sven Homewood (BLUE)
Robbin Ember (GREEN)
Buck GhostRaven (ORANGE)

Light & Shadow Show

"Light & Shadow Version 3.0"

comes with a surf board line based on the shadow theme

Saturday 12  PM SLT (noon) 9 PM german time

The exhibited pictures are a mixture of real life photography and SL snapshots. They refer to a status of being somehow there and in the same time not totally being there. A way of presence that has a relation to the shadow, which needs something physic and light to appear, but is not physic itself - similar to our presence in this virtual world. We are here, but yet somehow connected to the "real world" and our virtual being is at least in a mental way based on our everyday self. The perception of this world is subjective as the colorizing of the pictures.

The surfboardline is based on a photo series of shadows. It was developed in the process of creating this exhibition. Those shadow boards let "your self" glide through the virtual worlds.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Surfing with Lissa

This week's surf sessions takes us to a red rock, white sand beach and a place that for you fluffy lovers, will surely challenge you.  Grab your boards and hit the waves!

First up....

What? Surf and Simboard Park
I first heard about What? from a cute lil chipmunk. My first visit I got sidetracked and had to leave but came back today. Boy howdy I'm glad I did!  The sim is completely remodeled and I have to say I'm loving the red rock and  grassy dunes. HP waves are running and there is a loaner board option as well. No shopping but with so many nooks and crannies to explore especially with that special someone, who needs shopping? (LM takes you to a central point then you tp down to the beach)


This is a wicked fast pipe run so be ready as soon as you get in the water otherwise you will miss it!  There is a campfire on the beach to warm up and dry off with when you have hit all the fluffys you can.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beach Decor!

Our selection today allows you to literally have a beach no matter where you are and at 50 prims is easy on the prim allowance!

Shot on Location At: Alliance Beach
Beach in a Box
Creator: Gewittertante Aabye

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flashback! Week of October 18, 2009

So I've been catching up on Dr. Who shows from the BBC and can't help but wish we had a tardis to zip around time in. I found some on ebay but don't think they are real so we'll have to make do with our weekly Flashback!  Grab a lunch and join us for a trip back to what was happening in the Surf community the week of October 18, 2009