Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Ever Happened To? Vibrations Surf Alliance

Ever wonder what happened to that surf group?  Do they still do activities?  Well, wonder no more! SurfWatch is proud to announce the first in a series we are calling What Ever Happened To? We sent out interview requests to all the surf groups that have kinda faded off the radar to see what they are up to these days so stay tuned as we bring you one each week in the order they are received.

Vibrations Surf Alliance aka: VSA and Vibes
Founder: VW Sands

SW:  Tell me how your group started and is it still active?

VW:  The VSA  is a group I started back on Majini, for pratical reasons at first. I wanted to get a group started for folks to just hang out and free surf between contests and at the same time allow them to rezz their toys anyplace on the Maji sim.

Vibes is alive and well although my time at the SLSA has kinda cut into our activities. Time to fix that though! We have around 600 members, all of whom are free to make a mess at our home sim.

SW:  Is your group open or by invite only?

VW:  Vibes has always been an invite only group. That may sound kinda snobbish but there was and is a method to my madness ;-). Firstly the group is for surfers. Not knuckleheads looking for a tag so they can rezz 100 foot ships on any sim with open water. Having a touch to join sign allows at least some "screening" before an invite is sent and insures that the folks you meet wearing a Vibes tag are surf-junkies above all else :-)

SW:  Many riders say that Surf Jams were a great way to break into the SLSA surf comp scene.  How did you get started doing Surf Jams and why did they stop? Are there any plans to have a regular surf jam scheduled again?

VW:  Surf-Jam has always been a laid back contest series. When we started way back when it kinda filled a void between SLSA comps and as you mentioned was a great way for new surfers to learn the ropes in a real mellow format. I just wanted a surf-for-fun contest series where rank and points and all the rest meant nothing. Just group members battling it out simply for the fun of surfing with their friends.

SJ "stopped" as a result of the explosion of other surf contests going on every weekend. I have always tried to schedule our SJ on the weekends that nothing else was going on and these days those are rare. That and the fact that we had always had 2 full sims to play on and moving to our new home (HS) makes it tough to hold the SJ of old. On the brighter side though SURF-JAM lives on!! "Regular" Surf-Jams will continue with SJ 19 the next :-)

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