Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kantbe Serious: Another Fine Mesh

submitted by Kantbe Thursday
Thinking back on the Archipelago Halloween orange waves with the floating Jack-o-lanterns and the sand waves with bombarding rocks (in response to last season's pipes and rocks at Bundy), I've been looking at some of Luscious Starship's latest work (I have to wonder if this is really work for her because she has so much fun with it). It's clearly another fine mesh she's gotten herself into.

Maybe you've seen it on the national television news broadcasts, maybe in the newspapers, maybe in the National Enquirer, maybe not...

Luscious has been working on mesh versions of surfable waves and surfboards. The way Luscious is designing the LSD boards, a mesh board will actually have different performance characteristics based upon the mesh. So, in theory, with a mesh board that can take advantage of this capability, Mick Lunasea really could surf on a log. Not all boards available today can take advantage of this feature, so be sure and check with the builder if you want this or you could just end up with a big mesh on your hands.

Luscious has graciously made her development sim available for anyone who would like to give some of the test waves and boards a shot. She has a rezzer out to spit out a board to try. Be aware that since this is all still in development, access to the sim might be spotty and no telling what the state of the waves might be when you show up. Also, as a courtesy to Lus, please pick up your empties and trash when you leave... pack it in, pack it out.
Luscious has also made a few demonstration videos on YouTube:
LSD Mesh Surfboard on an LSD Mesh Pipeline Wave
Inside the 88m LSD Pipeline Morphing Mesh Wave
Inside the LSD Mesn Pipleline Wave
Short wave and board sample

These test boards are running version 77.1 (did I mention that Lus has been busy?) . The latest production version is 76.3. LSD boards do check for newer versions and update whenever they are rezzed, however. The latest production versions are always available at the main LSD store on Freeport.

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