Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surfing with Lissa!

This week I find I'm being pulled towards the more traditional waves out there. The Epic and Pipes. While the Pipes and I have a sort of understanding in that they allow me to ride them and I don't delete them, the Epic is my true love. Tall and wide, fast and slow, I find the peace RL is so often lacking when the Epic and I are one.

Sooo, get out the sex wax and grab your favorite stick and hit the trail with me on the never ending search for that sweet ride.

First stop on the trail...

Pirate Point Break
Arrrggg Mateys! It is off to Pirate Point Break to score the booty!  Booty in this case, of course, being the sweet monster we call the Epic with a run so long even I can get a primo ride out of it! Rezz area where ya land so toss your favorite stick in or find a few boards to be had at a quaint shop nearby.  I even spotted a mermaid....why do I never see mermen?

One more stop today...

PrimWorks Surf Camp
While Surf Camp at PrimWorks is being remodeled, hit the beach and grab some pipes on one of the loaner boards available or toss your own board into the water!  Afterwards, stretch out on your beach blanket or jump the construction barriers to check out the many vendors of all your favorite surf icons. Don't forget to check back again to see the Surf Museum once it opens.

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