Saturday, October 11, 2008

Registrations open for Chi Island event

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) opened registrations for its third surfing competition of the 2008 Season II, the Chi Shortboard Pro 2008, which takes place on Saturday 18 October.

"I'm very happy and excited to have the SLSA return to Chi after more than a year," said Sally LaSalle, SLSA director and owner of Chi Island. "I look forward to everyone having a fun day 'surfing the old fashioned way'."

One of Second Life's first surfing spots and the venue for the first ever Second Life surfing competition (the Namiko Pro in March 2007), Chi has a unique surf break that is sure to challenge surfers next Saturday. One of the shortest pipeline breaks in Second Life, pipeline and fluffies break for about 100 yards into the bay in the Northwest corner of Chi Island. The pipeline break is just one section across and runs very close to the shore line on both sides of the bay leaving little room for error and plenty of opportunities for surfers to end up grounded if they overshoot the end of the wave.

With the postponing of October's VSA Surf Jam and
ABSSL (Associação Brasileira de Surf no Second Life) surfing competitions and the cancellation of the TCH Surfers Open, the SLSA Chi Shortboard Pro may be the only surfing event to take place until November.

A new spectator sim called Tai is expected to open next to Chi on Friday 17 October.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Heliopolis latest victim of economics.

Heliopolis and Black River Harbor sims may soon disappear from Second Life.

By Ashleigh Dickins

A storm moves in over Heliopolis' double pipe break

As much as many people like to keep the real world and Second Life separate, sometimes one can't help but effect the other. Now, as the stock markets plunge and global economics spiral out of control, Surfwatch has learned that classic surf spot Heliopolis and it's sister sim Black River Harbor in Helio Estates are up on the proverbial chopping block and the real estate is to be sold.

"I did not expect to need to do this," said the owner of Helio Estates, Carenahh Kuu, who told SurfWatch that the sale of the sims has come about due to unexpected real life expenses. Helio Estates closed and sold its Monkeh Barrel surf sim earlier this year due to economic pressures.

Black River Harbor in the morning

Just last month Surfwatch reported on the seemingly forced sale of TCH Enterprises and most of the estate sims. Now it seems that Heliopolis and Black River Harbor could be just closures in a long line of sim closings affecting the surf community. Earlier this year the community was saddened to see the disappearance of the Surfline and more recently Livestrong sims. In fact, there have been at least 7 or 8 surf sim closures during the past three months.

It is common knowledge that many sim owners in Second Life are facing economic challenges and there are questions on everyone's minds, as owners scramble to find ways to keep their sims going in difficult times. "I do hate giving it up," Carenahh told Surfwatch, "I love Heliopolis."

All this leaves Second Life's surfing community hoping for the best and wondering which sim will be the next to fall.

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