Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Surfing with Lissa!

Summer is officially over so say goodbye to the sun and warmth of RL and hello to the warm sunny beaches of SL!  While we piddled away the glorious days of summer, some sim owners were busy setting up new surf spots to crash. I hit two of them recently...tough job but...and hope you will too. As always, if you find a new surf spot, hit me up in world or at my email.

First stop on the hunt for sunshine warmed sand:

Panda Bay
SLURL: Panda Bay

Panda has a short and fast run for the Jaws and Pipes so if you like it short and sweet (smiles sweetly) you will like this run. Shops, a club and some cuddle spots are scattered around this quaint lil surf spot.

Next stop finds us at:

Ol Nude Beach
SLURL: Ol Nude Beach

Ol Nude Beach next to Orgy Island....oh yeah, I got your attention now don't I? Clothing is obviously from the name optional so let it all hang out here while surfing some waves.  Only downside is you will have to use the board rezzer here unless you have an Action board so you may not  need to bring your favorite stick.

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