Friday, October 23, 2009

Introducing Mari's Mailbag

Marianna Monentes, owner of Boracay islands, Sunset Dance Pavilion, Fountain Fantasies, competitive surfer, has been a member of the surf community since 2007.  Sharing the philosophy of SurfWatch as a resource for the surf community to ask questions and find answers, Marianna recently agreed to head up Mari's Mailbag and answer questions readers might have or address issues that might be on your minds.  So fee free to submit your questions via comments, anonymously if you wish, and see if Mari can shed some light.

Mari states, "Ever hear of Dear Abby?  Of course you have.  Well, for the surf community, consider me someone you can ask pretty much anything.  Reading SurfWatch and seeing the genuine heartfelt outpouring concerns of all in the community, I felt it time to hear your thoughts and see if I can help shed light on things that are concerning you.  Not going to have any hateful remarks towards individuals or teams and also not going to debate SLSA rules and regulations.  There is a forum for that.  This is going to be an uplifting place to feel warmth and genuine caring, for indeed, I do.  Sharing your thoughts will help others, too, so let's send in those thoughts and questions, guys!"

SurfWatch and Mari look forward to hearing from our readers, and SurfWatch is proud to welcome Mari to our staff.  Look for Mari's Mailbox in future issues of SurfWatch!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Heads Hit Tsunami!!!

Something very skeeery spotted along the dark sandy shores of Tsunami Beach on a dark Hallow's Eve...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Breaking News - SLSA Calls for Election to Fill Director Seat

The SLSA just announced an election to fill a Board Director seat, to be held on October 26.  According to SLSA spokesman and director, Abel Halderman, Robin Mapp has been unable to perform this role for over a month and according to the Constitution, an election has to be held to fill this position.  The SLSA Board greatly regrets having to take this action.  They are putting out an immediate call for candidates.  See for more information.

Monday, October 19, 2009

SLSA Round 2 Tsunami Beach Challenge Results

results courtesy SLSA, photos courtesy Colleen Brennan and Bobbi Laval

The results of an exciting SLSA Round 2 Tsunami Beach Competition:


1st Place:  Desirae Beaumont 15.66667
2nd Place:  Socks Clawtooth 15.50000
3rd Place:  Maldrul Morris 15.33333

SexyBoy Oh 14.66667
Sally LaSalle 14.66667
Sean Azambuja 14.0000


Heat 1:

Wilfrid DeCuir 15.33333
Desirae Beaumont 17.00000
SexyBoy Oh 16.00000
VW Sands 15.66667
Sunshine Zhangsun 15.00000

Heat 2:

Colleen Brennan 16.00000
Bobbi Laval 15.83333
Socks Clawtooth 16.83333
Maldrul Morris 16.50000

Heat 3:

Kimmy Jigsaw 15.16667
GiavannaMarie Melody 14.33333
Sally LaSalle 16.00000
Sean Azambuja 15.83333


Heat 1:

Wil DeCuir 16.83333
Colleen Brennan 15.83333
Bonheur Chenaux 14.66667
Kohana Schimmer 14.83333
Sassy1 Fizzle 15.33333
Sven Homewood 13.50000

Heat 2:

Desirae Beaumont 15.83333
Kimmy Jigsaw 16.00000
Velvetori Twine 13.33333
MarkFoo Waverider 15.50000
Brenden Quan 15.16667
Robbin Ember 14.50000

Heat 3:

SexyBoy Oh 15.66667
Bobbi Laval 16.16667
GiavannaMaria Melody 15.66667
Followingwaves Sirbu 14.83333
Amy Eclipse 14.33333
Lynda Mimulus 15.33333

Heat 4:

Socks Clawtooth 16.33333
Sally LaSalle 15.66667
WickedV Carver 15.33333
Harbor Piers 14.83333
Aeryn Kidd 15.00000

Heat 5:

VW Sands 16.33333
Sunrize Mornington 15.33333
Sweetcajan Voom 14.00000
Maldrul Morris 16.00000
Kim Henig 15.00000

Heat 6:

Sean Azambuja 16.33333
Sunshine Zhansun 15.66667
Desne Aabye 15.16667
Ashleigh Dickins 14.83333
Buffy Munro 14.66667

Births and Adoptions


Adoption Date:  October 9, 2009
Born:  8/23/2009
Age: 4 years old
Gender:  Female

On October 9, 2009, Emma Portilo and Maxwell Silvansky became proud parents adopting 4 year old Tasya Portilo.  Tasya was adopted thru an adoption service for child avatars that are not "live" people but are robots controlled by A.L.I.C.E. artificial intelligence.  They have hundreds of functions and can do just about anything a real person can do including walk, follow, sit, use pose balls, stand, fly, talk, shout, dance, attack, change clothing and MUCH more.  They can even hold intelligent conversations. 



Luckymoon Jiagu and Mojo Manamiko are proud to announce the birth of Newt Zepp Manamiko born Saturday, August 22, 2009, at 6:14 AM SLT, weighing 7 lbs, 9 oz and 19 inches long.

If you have a birth or any news you'd like to share, contact Tauri Tigerpaw and we'll help you get the word out! It's free!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

MUST Surf Fest 09

submitted by Clarke Torok, photos courtesy Tilly Theas

Surf Fest 09 is scheduled to take place Tuesday, October 27th and Wednesday, October 28th.  A Live Band will play Friday, October 30th, 7-9 PM SLT

Location:  Surf the Pacific Coast Highway.  The quiet surfing community and winding highway that leads you down the shoreline of the most treacherous stretch of the Northern Pacific Coast Highway for vehicles.  Who knows when you may lose control of the wheel and end up 30m down to a surfer's most feared demise.  With a bridge connecting two sides to a river emptying it's mouth into the Pacific on one side, a rugged shoreline beach in the middle, and a deadly boneyard lining the wall of the cliffs edge...

Competition Format: An Open Invitational the first night.   Tuesday will be Open Qualifyer open to any surfer who wishes to surf with an invited list of some of SL's Surfing Stars from every surfing circuit in SL. Qualifiers will advance from the Open to the Invitational through a highest heat judges average. Heats are timed at 6 minutes with 2 surfers in the water.  Just take your waves - timing the sets is important. Surfers are not against anyone but themselves as the highest scores will move you into the money round. Registration for Open Qualifying will begin Thursday, October 15th and end Monday, October 26th, midnight SLT $300L fee for all Open Qualifying Surfers.

Invitation format will be Surfer vs. Surfer, timed heats of 8 minutes until the final 4 surfers remain.  The surfer with the highest heat score from the quarter final heat will be seeded #1, lowest #4. Seed pairings will be #1 vs. #3 and #2 vs. #4, with the winners in the final, and the then a battle for 3rd on the Podium.

Board Usage: Any Action, HP, or SSI board.  Any board with wipe outs turned on (comp boards may be supplied for this format).

Invitation Surfer: Please RSVP your invitation should you receive one via in-world mailbox at MUST Headquarters located on the left side of the entrance way.

Purse: Determined by sponsor, paid invitational entries, number of open qualifying surfers, tour and additional sponsor donations.  Total raised will be paid out to the field of Wednesday surfers. Prizes will be given out by sponsors directly to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

Those wishing to participate in sponsoring the event, please contact Clarke Torok via in world notecard when offline and IM when online.  Volunteers are also being requested to fill judges chairs for both nights.  Contact Clarke Torok or Mick Lunasea if you are interested.

Team Profile - TaiChi

Team Name: TaiChi

 Year founded: 2009

Founder(s): Kimmy Jigsaw, Wilfrid DeCuir, Sally LaSalle

Current owner captains:
Kimmy Jigsaw, Wilfrid DeCuir, Sally LaSalle

Pro Surfers:
Wil DeCuir
Kimmy Jigsaw
Sally LaSalle
MarkFoo Waverider
SweetCajan Voom
Lacy Rossini
Velvetori Twine
Rick Galli
Requiem Theriac
In training:
Amy Eclipse

Current team standing:
Number 1 !!

Where did the team name come from:
Named after the Cradle of competitive surfing CHI and its spectator sim TAI.  We use the terms Tai and Chi separately, unlike the martial art TaiChi.  Tai Chi for us means Ultimate Life Energy

Why was this team started:
To manifest the spirit of surfing the pure love of the sport and create a positive force for surfing love and enjoyment. To create a place for like minded people to express the close kinship that comes from sharing a wave and the connectedness with nature, the interconnection of all the elements which go into manifesting the surf "zen". We have a mix of young and old and love to watch new members develop and excel.

Give us any pertinent history/highlights of this team:
We are a relatively new team putting it all together this year. We are out for the penant and would be proud and totally stoked to achieve that.

Our individual members are on a quest for improvement and we have had some great results already. Wil winning the first comp at Mori and MarkFoo winning the ABBSL 4th stage just recently. We have five pro riders in the top 20, but we are proud of all the riders in our team.

How does this team train and how often:
We train regularly, members often call others fro a session during the months, we train more intensely the week before comps trying to simulate comp conditions as much as possible. Helping and advising each other in a friendly nurturing envirinment.

What is the basic philosophy behind this team in terms of SL surfing (reality vs. gaming):
We have real life and second life surfers. We like to try to express real life radical high energy surfing as naturally as possible within SL.

What board does this team use and why?
We leave that to the personal preference for the individuals. they need to get in touch with their own chi and let that energy flow.  But we arent afraid of trying different boards, we regularly compete in both the SLSA onn SSi boards and in the ABSSL on HP boards.

What wave does this team prefer and why?
We prefer wet watery waves, the perfect curl for that perfect shred!

What associations does this team compete in?

Who are the top scoring riders on this team?
Wil, Kimmy, Sally, Markfoo