Saturday, October 10, 2009

Results from SLSA Round 1 Tsunami Beach Challenge, Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scores provided courtesy SLSA, photo courtesy Colleen Brennan

Robbin Ember tearing up the wave

The results of the SLSA Round 1 Tsunami Beach Challenge are:

Heat 1:
Harbor Piers 14.00
Lacy Rossini 11.83
Sunshine Zhangsun 12.00
Kohana Schimmer 12.50
Sparkey Corleon 11.83
Kantbe Thursday 13.66

Heat 2:
Kim Henig 13.50
Sven Homewood 13.33
Maldrul Morris 14.33
Bodhi Lowtide 11.33

Heat 3:
Buffy Munro 13.16667
Aeryn Kidd 12.50000
Ashleigh Dickins 13.33333
Mojo Manamiko 11.50000

Heat 4:
Sassy1 Fizzle 13.00
Kait Seetan 13.00
Countess DeCosta 12.00

Heat 5:
Robbin Ember 13.33333
Velvetori Twine 12.33333
Cymindra Deschanel 12.16667
Aurora Jacks 9.500000
Brenden Quan 14.16667

Heat 6:
Rhett McMahn 12.00000
Lynda Mimulus 12.83333
Mick Lunasea 10.16667
Rick Galli 10.33333
Amy Eclipse 13.16667

Best two riders from each heat will advance to Round 2 on Saturday, October 17.

Friday, October 9, 2009

SLSA Heat Draws Round 1 Tsunami Beach Challenge

Round 1 of the SLSA Tsunami Beach Challenge will start at 11 AM SLT and check-in is at 10:45 AM SLT.  Each heat is 3 waves each, and the best 2 riders from each heat will advance to Round 2 on October 17.

Heat 1:
Red - Harbor Piers
Blue - Lacy Rossini
Green - Sunshine Zhangsun
Orange - Kohana Schimmer
Purple - Sparkey Corleone
Black - Kantbe Thursday

Heat 2:
Red - Kim Henig
Blue - Sven Homewood
Green - Maldrul Morris
Orange - Sienna Velinov
Purple - Bodhi Lowtide

Heat 3:
Red - Buffy Munro
Blue - Aeryn Kidd
Green - Ashleigh Dickins
Orange - Ucalegon Zarco
Purple - Mojo Manamiko

Heat 4:
Red - Sassy1 Fizzle
Blue - Kait Seetan
Green - Countess DeCosta
Orange - Locksley Blitzstein
Purple - Silvia Warden

Heat 5:
Red - Robbin Ember
Blue - Velvetori Twine
Green - Cymindra Deschanel
Orange - Aurora Jakcs
Purple - Brenden Quan

Heat 6:
Red - Rhett McMahn
Blue - Lynda Mimulus
Green - Mick Lunasea
Orange - Rick Galli
Purple - Amy Eclipse

Surf Party!

SL surfers are invited to a pre-competition barbeque and beach dance party!

Where:  Freeport, New April Island, Freeport (6, 106, 21)
When:  Friday Oct 9
Time:  2 PM SLT til the cows come home
DJ:  Desirae Beaumont starts at 4 PM SLT

Sponsored by Tsunami Beach, proud home of the SLSA Tsunami Beach Longboard Challenge and Jasmines Cantina Resort

Come relax and have a good time with your fellow riders!  Beer, burgers and laughs! Good luck to all the riders!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Team Profile - Boracay

submitted by Harbor Piers

JamesB Allen, co-founder

Team Name:  Team Boracay

Year Founded:  2009

Founder(s):  JamesB Allen/Marianna Monentes

Current owners:  Owner/Captain Harbor Piers

Current Team Standing:  with no shoes

Where did the team name come from:
Originated from Island name

Why was this team started:
JamesB Allen is a real life surfer.  Surfed in competitions in his RL youth and wanted an SL team.

Pertinent History/Highlights:
Relatively new team and having a good start to our first full season in Season 2 of 2009.  Bubster Box was the first team member to advance us to the 2nd Round at the Chi Fluffy Challenge.  Harbor Piers is the first to advance to the Semi's at Sol Mananero competition

How does this team train and how often:
Correspondence between surfers, sharing tips, training whenever is convenient and will try to group together when we can.  Very hands on.  We won't put on the stress of a rigid practice schedule.  This is SL surfing!!!

What is the basic philosophy behind this team in terms of SL surfing (reality vs. gaming):
SL is another way to enjoy and share the love of surfing.  Boracay's philosophy is to have fun and enjoy ourselves.  To each surfer their own, whether you are landlocked or on the coast catching the morning waves each day.  SL lets us all surf!

What board does this team use and why:
RJ surfboards.  A great board designer.

What wave does this team prefer and why:
We prefer any wave we can ride!

What associations does this team compete in:
SLSA competitions

Who are the top scoring riders on this team:
Harbor Piers, Kait Seetan and eLiza Eizenheim

Harbor Piers                                                                                               Boracay Surf Team


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL

Sunset...Jaws...Leogarto Burt's waves.  Check out to see them in action. 

Leo's waves are available for:

10m x 10m x 40m - 3,000L
10m x 10m x 60m - 4,000L
10m x 10m x 100m - 6,000L
10m x 10m x 200m - 8,000L

Sunset waves make waves with shapes sculpted using mega prims and comes in four different sizes.  The main factor to take into account when choosing a Sunset model is the area of ocean available for installation so a single wave is used regardless of the size of the sea, from a small cove in your residential area or a whole island to the surf.  The Sunset wave kit contains:  control panel, generator, install instructions notecard, metric rules, Surf Point HP landmark.  Leogarto Burt is always available to assist with wave installation.

15m x (7.5m or 10m or 15m) x 100m - 20,000L

Jaws waves is one of the most advanced and fully detailed waves in SL today capturing the reality of RL beaches.  It uses mega prims in multiple sculpted forms combined with a new technology to control timing of actions and shapes with the Jaws wave producing a variation of the shape of the wave along the route.  There are 15 different sculpted which give the appearance of the wave to form on the outside and gradually developing thru an extensive pipe to break and eventually die at the beach.  The timer also allows variations in textures, sounds and more particles increasing their reality.  Jaws comes in 3 different heights.  The kit comes with control panel, generator, install instructions notecard, metric ruler and Surf Point HP landmark. 

Contact Leogarto Burt for more information.

Monday, October 5, 2009

SLSA Celebrates at SLSA Sim Dedication Event

Saturday, October 3, marked the Grand Opening ceremony for the Second Life Surfing Association's new sim at Archipelago.  The event opened with a live music line up of Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth, Zorch Boomhauer and Tauri Tigerpaw.  All donations went to to the SLSA to help defray the cost of this historic new home for the SLSA.

The SLSA also raffled off two Yen Destiny motorcycles that went to Kohana Schimmer and Sally LaSalle.  Desne Aabye, Kohana Schimmer and MaryAnn Maa each won a Tsunami surfboard, and Sally LaSalle and Desirae Beamont won a Bloody Waters Beach Shack.

The event had a full fun park set up on the beach with beach volleyball, ping pong, dunk tank, kissing booth, ferris wheel and other events. 

At 4 PM SLT, there was a mini surfing competition to break in the sim. 

The final results:
Wil DeCuir - 8 points - 3000L payout
Sean Azambuja - 8 points - 3000L payout
Sally LaSalle - 7.5 points - 1000L payout
DeVinna Toll - 6.5 points - 500L payout

Heat 1 competitors and scores:
Wil DeCuir - 7.5
Kimmy Jigsaw - 7
Desne Aabye - 6.5
Kohana Schimmer - 6
DeVinna Toll - 7.5

Heat 2 competitors and scores:
Sean Azambuja - 8
Sally LaSalle - 7
Ashleigh Dickens - 5
Kim Henig - 6.5

Money prizes were funded by Bloody Waters Construction.  Future money prizes will depend on sponsorship.

The SLSA plans to hold a mini competition every month at the new sim in this same format - each rider getting two waves with one counting towards the score.  This format requires minimal officials to operate, and many of the competitors donated their winnings back to the SLSA and said they thoroughly enjoyed this competition format.

Check out Kohana Schimmer's photos of the event at:

Kayak Derby II

Kayak Derby II, the second SL Whitewater Kayaking competition, will be held on Saturday, October 24th, at 11 AM SLT at the Tidewater Canyon River in Wilder Keys.  Thrilling whitewater action as paddlers run three heats each, challenging the gates of this difficult river course, competing for the top prize of 500L!  Whitewater kayaking is gaining popularity in Second Life led by creator "GT Whitewater Kayaks" and has multiple whitewater rivers across the grid.  For more information or to register for the derby, please contact Guiles Tidewater or visit Tidwater Canyon River, Wilder Keys (235, 93, 31).