Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Surfing with Lissa

This week's surf sessions takes us to a red rock, white sand beach and a place that for you fluffy lovers, will surely challenge you.  Grab your boards and hit the waves!

First up....

What? Surf and Simboard Park
I first heard about What? from a cute lil chipmunk. My first visit I got sidetracked and had to leave but came back today. Boy howdy I'm glad I did!  The sim is completely remodeled and I have to say I'm loving the red rock and  grassy dunes. HP waves are running and there is a loaner board option as well. No shopping but with so many nooks and crannies to explore especially with that special someone, who needs shopping? (LM takes you to a central point then you tp down to the beach)


This is a wicked fast pipe run so be ready as soon as you get in the water otherwise you will miss it!  There is a campfire on the beach to warm up and dry off with when you have hit all the fluffys you can.

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