Saturday, May 14, 2011

SLSA Monkey Cove Pro Scores

pics courtesy of Dixson Martin and Lissa Pinion, Scores courtesy of Lissa Pinion
Heat 1
Maldrul Morris 17.00
Harbor Piers 16.83
Tonguemy Badger 16.33
Dixson Martin 15.83
Cierra Theriac 15.33
Jac Mornington 14.83
Figger Arun 14.16

Heat 1
Maldrul Morris 15.66
Van Valeeva 14.83
Tonguemy Badger 15.66
Dixson Martin 15.83

Heat 2
Cierra Theriac 15.33
Curshaw MacTagairt 10.50
Colleen Brennan 14.33
Jac Mornington 14.50

Heat 3
Harbor Piers 15.33
Figger Arun 15.66
Donni Dibou 15.16
Lanky Silvercloud 13.83

Heat 1
Maldrul Morris 16.16
jayden Domenci NS
Cierra Theriac 13.66
Rain Tigerfish 13.50
Cristal Rowlands 12.33

Heat 2
Harbor Piers 16.00
Van Valeeva 15.66
Followingwaves Sirbu 15.50
Mick Lunasea 15.00
bullet Admiral 15.33

Heat 3
Bobbi Laval NS
Figger Arun 13.16
Robbin Ember Worked Comp
Zelda Zimberman NS
Curshaw MacTagairt 14.83

Heat 4
Imzai Amatersu Worked Comp
Dane Kutenai NS
Colleen Brennan 15.83
D4amon Resident NS
Tonguemy Badger 16.00

Heat 5
Sunrize Mornington Worked comp
Dixson Martin 15.66
Rayzza Rubble 15.50
Donni Dibou 16.00

Heat 6
Velvetori Twine 13.83
Jac Mornington 15.67
Lanky Silvercloud 15.50
Lourinho Nizna 14.83

Robbin Ember, Colleen Brennan, Sunrize Mornington,Imzai Amatersu, Lissa Pinion, DJ Dan, Syx Toshi

Friday, May 13, 2011

SLSA Monkey Cove Pro Heat Draws

Monkey Cove
Pro: 14th 11:00am sl time
Wave: Maverick
Board: longboard

Heat 1
Maldrul Morris (RED)
jayden Domenci (BLUE)
Cierra Theriac (GREEN)
Rain Tigerfish (ORANGE)
Cristal Rowlands (PURPLE)

Heat 2
Harbor Piers (RED)
Van Valeeva (BLUE)
Followingwaves Sirbu (GREEN)
Mick Lunasea (ORANGE)
bullet Admiral (PURPLE)

Heat 3
Bobbi Laval (RED)
Figger Arun (BLUE)
Robbin Ember (GREEN)
Zelda Zimberman (ORANGE)
Curshaw MacTagairt (PURPLE)

Heat 4
Imzadi Amaterasu (RED)
Dane Kutenai (BLUE)
Colleen Brennan (GREEN)
Katey Spiritweaver (ORANGE)
D4amon Resident (PURPLE)

Heat 5
Sunrize Mornington (RED)
Dixson Martin (BLUE)
Rayzza Rubble (GREEN)
Donni Dibou (ORANGE)

Heat 6
Velvetori Twine (RED)
Jac Mornington (BLUE)
Lanky Silvercloud (GREEN)
Lourinho Nizna (ORANGE)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surfing with Lissa

Ok kiddies! Time once again for Surfing with Lissa! In this installment we are crashing er, visiting two great surf spots and shredding some waves. You might wanna bring some bandaids on this one.
Have a favorite surf spot or did you find a new one? Let me know inworld or at

First stop is Teahupo'o. Dig out the bandaids and antibiotic creams because after you get done dodging the rocks, if you dodge them, I can guarantee you won't come out unscathed. Lay a towel on the white sand beach and apply first aid while you take a breather and enjoy the scenery.'o/104/13/22

Now that you are bandaged up and on the mend, let's hop over to North Shore. With a Luscious wave in the water, Pray 4 Surf shop to keep up to date on fashion, and some nice cozy cuddle areas, this is a great surf spot to hit and relax while getting in some waves. Check me out waxing my board and enjoying the view. Only thing missing was you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beach Fashion!

Gremmy is wearing:
Hair: Truth Hank in Honey
Eyes: MADesigns Flamboyant
Hoodie by ::EF:: Basic Hoody in Brown
Jeans by kobalt Urban Jean Ripped

Lissa is wearing:
Hair: Truth Romy in Cocoa
Eyes: Earthstones Stoned Labradorite
Hoodie by *BOOM* Park Life Hoodie in Purple
Jeans by *INDIE ROSE* Blues Denim

Monday, May 9, 2011

Director Spotlight - Event Planning Coordinator

The June SLSA Board of Directors election is coming up and there are always a lot of questions about just what each Director does so here at SurfWatch, we are spotlighting each position. Each week in May you will find a new spotlight on each position held.

Name: VW Sands

Role/Responsibilty: EC/ Event planning, coordinator

SW: What do you enjoy about this position?
VW: The EC role is part Stand-Up comic part Multi-tasker. Both which seem to fit me well :-)

SW: What do you find the most challenging about this position?
VW: Keeping up! Things move quickly and it takes a bit of concentration to keep surf comps moving and the riders updated.

SW: Anything else you would like to add?
VW: Only that everyone should try it!