Saturday, May 24, 2008

LIVE RESULTS -- Reaction Longboard Epic

SurfWatch is reporting live from the West of Ireland Bundoran and Neart sims on the SLSA Reaction Longboard Epic surfing competition -- Starting Saturday 24 May 2008 from 1100 hrs Second Life Time (SLT or PDT) or 1800 hrs GMT.


This is the fourth competition in the SLSA calendar, one of only two surfing competitions left in the season and the SLSA seasons first competition with Epic waves. 35 surfers are expected to take part in the competition including 15 out of the top 20 SLSA ranked competition surfers in the season's standings.

SurfWatch will endeavour to post competition results throughout the Reaction Longboard Epic. However, as last month's Surfline competition proved beyond doubt, anything can happen in Second Life!

Live results also available on the mobile (cellular) Internet via SurfWatch Mobile

Useful links

SurfWatch: SLSA draws Neart heats (24 May 08)

SurfWatch: Lady in red (21 May 08)

SurfWatch: Surfing Calendar May-June 2008 (19 May 08)

URL: Competition Day Requirements (for Surfers and Spectators)

URL: Judging criteria

SLURL: Neart (competitors only)

SLURL: Bundoran Reef (spectators sim)

SLSA draws Neart heats

Surfing heats drawn for 35 competitors; SLSA judges to trial new 'wave count rule' for first time at Neart

Neart bay, home to West of Ireland's Epic wave break

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) has drawn the heat line-ups for what is now called the Reaction Longboard Epic surfing competition at Neart, which takes place at 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT) Saturday at Neart in the West of Ireland group of sims.

35 surfers are now expected to compete in the Longboard Epic, according to the heat draws list distributed to competition surfers on Friday evening, three more than registered for the re-scheduled Surfline competition held at the end of April. In all, 15 out of the top 20 SLSA ranked competition surfers are registered for Neart including table-leader Pova Rustamova, second place DeVinna Toll, third place Colleeen Brennan and all three Surfline competition winners, Abel Halderman (1st), Desirae Beaumont (2nd) and Craig Stallion (3rd).

The Reaction Longboard Epic at Neart will be the first surfing competition to be held applying the SLSA's new 'wave count rule' in the event's semi-finals and finals heats. The rule has been introduced to offer a level of protection for semi-finalists and finalists against browser crashes and other technical malfunctions. Under the new rule, semi-finalists and finalists scores will be calculated on 4 waves versus holding surfers to a strictly timed heat. Pova was knocked out of the Surfline Shortboard Pro in the semi-finals due to a system crash, which resulted in him failing to catch three scoreable waves. The new rule is being introduced at Neart on a trial basis pending a permanent change to the SLSA competition rules.

Pova Rustamova (RED)
Bobbi Laval (BLUE)
Craig Stallion (GREEN)
Socks Clawtooth (ORANGE)
Payten Harrop (PURPLE)

DeVinna Toll (RED)
Ashleigh Dickins (BLUE)
Mick Lunasea (GREEN)
LeahJane Cazalet (ORANGE)
Malcolm Sydney (PURPLE)

Colleen Brennan (RED)
Desne Aabye (BLUE)
Carolin Gausman (GREEN)
AlexSurfer Hirons (ORANGE)
Pyper Dollinger (PURPLE)

Abel Halderman (RED)
Timbo Flanagan (BLUE)
Paeida Allen (GREEN)
Jaay Zymurgy (ORANGE)
Fungus Kamachi (PURPLE)

Desirae Beaumont (RED)
Buffy Munro (BLUE)
Oneill Auer (GREEN)
Shelby Fitzgerald (ORANGE)
Kathy Heberle (PURPLE)

VW Sands (RED)
Vic Bonetto (BLUE)
Rani Decosta (GREEN)
Wuan Saka (PURPLE)

Christine Daffodil (RED)
Cipriano Grut (BLUE)
Mateus Rieko (GREEN)
Crusader Arado (ORANGE)
Countess Decosta (PURPLE)

Notes: The (COLOUR) in brackets denotes the colour of the surfer's competition shirt. The heats draw may always be subject to last minute changes.

Surfers contacts: Milo Voss / Radical Twang / Sally LaSalle

SurfWatch: Lady in red (21 May 08)
SurfWatch: Surfing Calendar May-June 2008 (19 May 08)
URL: Competition Day Requirements (for Surfers and Spectators)
URL: Judging criteria
SLURL: Neart (competitors only)
SLURL: Bundoran Reef (spectators sim)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Estates join forces to create massive watersports development

Broadwater Antilles well positioned to become the largest group of surfing sims, the largest group of ocean sims for the Neo-Realms Fishing System and the largest group of ocean sims for sailing outside the Second Life mainland.

Pipeline surf break on Saba Island

Three Second Life entrepreneurs have announced an ambitious new project that will include what could be the largest watersports development in Second Life. The new mega-estate or 'continent' is called the Broadwater Antilles and it looks set to become a powerful force in Second Life diving, sailing, surfing and other watersports.

ATown Fall, Phelan James and Niki Wilder, owners of TCH Estates, Hedonism Estates and Wilder Estates respectively, have already begun integrating their estates to create Broadwater Antilles, which will consist of 26 sims in the first two phases of its development, while at least 12 more sims will be added to the development during phase three. TCH Estate's sims, which will form the core of the new development are not yet connected to the other estates' sim, however more sims are expected to be integrated into the development as Linden Lab processes requests to relocate sims on the Second Life grid. All sims will be open with no ban lines obstructing free passage.

TCH, Hedonism and Wilder estates combined account for well over 100 Second Life sims, although Broadwater is tight-lipped about the final number of sims that will eventually be integrated into phase four and five of the development. Importantly, these estates are being linked together by a large expanse of landscaped / seascaped ocean sims that will be dedicated to sports and leisure activites including surfing, sailing and diving. The first two phases inlcude two Epic wave breaks (including TCH's Barbuda and Hedonism's Kahuna Beach), four pipeline wave breaks (including TCH's Saba Island and Mandi Island) and numerous ocean foam wave breaks (or fluffies).

For those that appreciate larger craft, Wilder Skies' aircraft carrier

According to Broadwater, the development is being created to further develop the core activities of each of the business partners including Wilder Skies (home to Second Life's biggest public aircraft carrier), TCH Dive, TCH Surf, TCH Sports, TCH Yacht Club, Hedonistic Isle Marina and Kahuna Beach Mall. Broadwater Antilles is expected to become a major player in Second Life sailing with the largest group of ocean sims outside of the mainland. It will also boast the largest group of connected sims for the Neo-Realms Fishing System.

SurfWatch: TCH Surf launches new longboards
SLURL: Barbuda (TCH Estates, Broadwater Antilles)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The lady in red

By Socks Clawtooth,
Senior Furry Correspondent.

I was over at Neart practicing for the upcoming SLSA event (who am I kidding, I was just messing around in an Epic I'd never been on). If you've never been there, I really recommend going. If for nothing else go for the free Guinness.

As a furry surfer, one of the few, I tend to not be subtle. This morning I'm in my brown lop bunny. Oh, something else about furries: a lot of us change species at the drop of a hat. I've got foxes, wolves, cats, dogs, horses (normal and supernatural, Grendels is a trippy store), otters and sea lions, probably more, I've lost track. I think I have an elephant in there too. So this morning, it's the lop.

As I'm riding a wave back in, my eye is drawn to shore to see where I'm going to meet it, and I'm surprised to see someone there. Well, I didn't see her at first, but I saw the dress. It blew in the wind effortlessly as she stood at the water's edge, gazing into the cold sea. A splash of red on the Irish coast line watching the water. I thought nothing of it, the view here is very nice. I made it to shore and watched her a moment, I mean how could I not?

Then she walked into the water to her knees, and off onto the sea. A little odd, sure, but... oh wait, she's 20M down and walking. Oh dear. She turned around and came back to shore, still in her heels and flowing red dress. Something is amiss. I check a profile, and nothing on it. She's a new SL resident, 4 days old if that. Stunning dress, however.

I watch her a while longer, and go catch another wave. On the way back in I see her standing on the shore, taking off her dress. Phew! Swimsuit under it, oh good. Not that I'm against nudity or anything, just not at a public beach. She's standing on shore, over a board, and pacing around it. I paddle over, introduce myself, and ask her if she needs help. "I don't know if I can use this surfboard!" Oh! I can help! I check it, it's open to all, then I remember she's fresh off the Welcome Island.

So, I give her a crash course in surfing 101. After a few rides, and we did party waves all the way, she said "Yes, this is much better!" And she's much happier. "I have to go," she said "thank you for your help." And with that, she vanished into the Ether. I picked my old board up, and went on surfing. Will I ever see her again? Well, Second Life is a big place, one never knows. But it got me to thinking.

The reason we're all into surfing here is we all 'get it'. There's a vibe, an energy that you just don't get in other places. We could spend hours in a club, or in a seedy dive, or a live show somewhere, but we choose surfing. It's the waves, its virtual nature that many of us can't get to, or others of us can and bring that energy to the virtual world.

We may laugh at the n00b who rezzes boxes on their heads, but we're all that guy once in our lives. I bring an attitude over from other sports of "teach someone". Some guy is having a hard time, ten minutes of your life is a small investment to get someone to enjoy something for a lifetime. So, why not take some time with a new rider? Understand that they don't know how to do flips or cutback turns nor even how to do that cool 'eagle stance'. They're honestly happy running end to end on a pipe, and they're stoked when they can do it standing up! More people exposed to it means more ideas, more beaches down the road, more board designers and more people to ride with. There are friends you have, and friends you have not met yet. Help one of the second group out.

As a side note, I feel bad for you people at Neart. You're gonna freeze your buns off! I know I won't, I've got a fur coat to keep me warm!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Surfing calendar - May-June 2008

SLSA Neart Longboard Pro Competition
Saturday 24 May 2008, 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT)

After the Second Life Surfing Association's Monkeh Barrel competition changed to pipeline waves at the last minute, Neart, in the West of Ireland group of sims, is now expected to be the association's first Epic longboard event of 2008. The Neart Longboard Pro was postponed from Saturday 26 April to Saturday 24 May 2008. As usual, a field of 40 surfers are expected to take part in 8 heats starting at 1100 hrs Second Life time (SLT).

Registrations for the event are in progress in the SLSA Forum.

Competitors and spectators p
lease check out the SLSA's requirements for attending on the SLSA forum before you teleport to Neart on the day.

Surfers contact: Milo Voss and Radical Twang

Useful links

URL: SLSA competition calendar
URL: Competition Day Requirements (for Surfers and Spectators)
URL: Judging Criteria

SLURL: Neart

VSA Surf Jam 4

Saturday 31 May 2008, 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT)

The fourth Vibrations Surf Alliance Surf Jam of 2008 takes place on Saturday 31 May at 1100hrs SLT on Majini Island, part of the Bishara Resorts sim. The monthly Surf Jam's are members only events, limited to 20 competitors. Surfers will face off in four preliminary heats, narrowing down to 10 surfers in the semis and 5 for the finals' heats.

Surfers contact: VW Sands

Useful Links

SurfWatch: Buffy grabs second Surf Jam win (20 Apr 08)
SurfWatch: First post-Havok4 havoc Second Life surfing competition now set for 19 April

SLURL: Majini Island

SLSA El Corazon Competition

Saturday 14 June 2008, 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT)

El Corazon surfing competition is now scheduled for Saturday 14 June 2008 at 1100 hrs Second Life time (SLT) at El Corazon (this event was re-scheduled to the new date on 7 April 2008). 40 surfers are expected to take part in 8 heats.

Surfers contact: Milo Voss and Radical Twang

Useful links

URL: SLSA competition calendar

SLURL: El Corazon

New surfing 'invitational' (details yet to be announced)

Saturday 21 June 2008, 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT)

A new addition to this year's calendar is an invitation-only surfing event to be held on Saturday 21 June 2008, after the end of the official SLSA season. Details are to be released shortly.

Surfers contact: to be confirmed

Other events

VSA Wind Jam 1

Saturday 7June 2008, 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT)

The first Wind Jam to be organised by the Vibrations Surfing Alliance takes place on Saturday 7 June at 1100hrs SLT on Majini Island, part of the Bishara Resorts sim. The VSA hopes to turn this event into a monthly occurance like its already established Surf Jam.

Windsurfers contact: VW Sands

Useful Links

SurfWatch: Cipriano wins Secondreef cup (4 May 08)

SLURL: Majini Island

Windsurf RSX Fun Races
Monday 26 May 2008, 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT)

A weekly windsurfing competition for RS:X windsurfers organised on Mondays by Fishers Island Yacht Club in the Plum Gut and Sailor's Cove sims.
RS:X and RS:iX windsurfers use real wind.

Windsurfers contact: Surfwidow Beaumont

Useful Links

SLURL: Plum Gut