Monday, May 16, 2011

Director Spotlight -Financial Officer

The June SLSA Board of Directors election is coming up and there are always a lot of questions about just what each Director does so here at SurfWatch, we are spotlighting each position. Each week in May you will find a new spotlight on each position held.

Name: Robbin Ember

Role/Responsibility: Financial Officer

SW: What do you enjoy about this position:
Robbin: I don't know, I really don't like numbers or balancing budgets. But I do enjoy the opportunity to help out and give back to the community.

SW: What do you find challenging:
Robbin: When I am only a few cents off, in balancing the budget. That drives me crazy.

SW: Anything else:
Robbin: Seriously, again, this is the most amazing group of people, and just having the chance to show my appreciation is my motivation. It really is, thanks.

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