Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surfing with Lissa

Now that Spring is in full swing and we can see Summer right around the corner, I'm out and about soaking in some sun and working on my tan lines! Join me as we explore two great surf spots this week. Don't forget your sunblock or suntan oil!

Ahhhh Costa Rica! Spread out your beach blanket on the white sands and grab your board or if you wanna mix it up a bit, grab one of the loaner windsurfers and hit the Cortes wave out in the bay. After a fun surf sesh, kick back on the blanket and watch the leatherback turtles moving towards the water or check out the shops and museum.

Zen thy name is Chi. One of the oldest surf spots in SL, Chi boasts the famous pipes and fluffies rolling hard and fast into the bay. This is a challenging set to ride and if you are really good, jump the bridge at the end. When you are done with the waves, check out all the hidden spots on the sim or replace your now broken stick (didn't make it over the bridge after all did ya?) or maybe pick up a windsurfer and give it another go.

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