Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kantbe Serious: One Hand Clapping

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

What's that sound? One hand clapping? A tree falling in a forest when no one is there to hear it? No? It sounds just the same, but it's the sound of what used to be a public surfing sim.

Surf Watch has been updating it's public surfing sim list on the SW Wave Report blog. We've all heard about our famous surfing sims going away from time to time over this past year, but there are many other good surfing spots out there that may not be as famous because they can't be used to host an SLSA competition. But even these are dwindling. As of this writing, just since this past March, eighteen (yes, that's not a typo… 18) public surf sims have been closed. Only two have been added. Hopefully there are more out there that SW staff just haven't heard about yet. We'd like to solicit you're feedback about any public surf sims we may have missed.

Ideally, a public surf sim will have a loaner board or two for the new surfers who come to visit, and a rez area or some other accommodation for the more experienced surfers who would rather use their own board. At the least, a public surf sim should provide some way for a visitor to surf. This seems pretty obvious, but there are some surfing sims that have neither loaners nor the ability for a visitor to rez a board. Seems a bit like leaving out cold bottles of beer with no bottle opener.

Please take some time to look over the Wave Report sim list or ask for the inworld list of surf sim LM's and let us know of any you know that we should add to the list. Hopefully we won't one day end up with our our LM's to our favorite surf spot looking like this one:

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