Friday, January 28, 2011

The Sun Sets on Neart

Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

As many of you have heard or discovered by now, West of Ireland turned back one of our oldest public surfing sims to Linden Labs. This was due to the new policy where Linden discontinued land cost discounts to charity and educational customers.

Neart is now gone. A number of you dropped by during it's last few days to help collect some surfing video there. Thanks to all of you who came by and I'm sorry I wasn't able to include some of you who would have liked to been a part of this.

I'd also like to thank SL live musicians Zorch Boomhauer, POL Arida, and Lefty Unplugged for allowing me use their music for the making of this video.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mari's Mailbag: Display Names

submitted by Marianna Monentes
Okay, I have to admit when the discussion of Display Names came about I was first to say that I felt it a bad idea. To think there would be people with my name the griefers wreaking havoc and me being blamed. They can pay my tier but cannot cause probs. So now, I am happy to say the Display Name idea is really cool especially learning who everyone is again. Then if you
have lots of alts do you then give them Display Names too? Of course you do.

Lately, I see my friends logging on and it is making me laugh so hard. Some of the names they have. What will Lindens come up with next?? They have given us free homes, names even the game is free until you learn your play money isn't play but its to late because you are already addicted to all the niceties of Second Life (SL). Each and every day I log on I find something new and exciting in this phenomenal virtual world. Tomorrow there will be yet another feature. Touch would be nice...smiles. A good hug.

Next time you think its your last day in Second Life (SL) try to remember your first. Remember? It was like a shiney new car with a full tank and new tires. Lets refill our tanks...recap or retread our tires ...put down our suntops...and keep cruising. Just think waves on the the endless summer. There are so many cool things about Second Life (SL). When those days of bad times pop up...just grab your board ...become one again with the wave until it passes.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SLSA Big Wednesday Surfing Comp Class

Wednesday Jan 26th, 3PM SLT, Archipelago


How to determine locations and times of competitions
How to register for a competition
How to prepare
How rides are judged
What to expect during the competition

Duration: 1.5 hours
Instructor: Mick Lunasea
Location: SLSA's Archipelago sim

If you find the class of value, as with other activities on Archipelago, please consider contributing to the sim donation bins on the beach if you can.

Monday, January 24, 2011

SLSA Announces 2011 Season 1 Comp Venues

Playa Sol ManaƱero
Open: February 19th
Pro: February 26th
Wave: Joaquina
Board: longboard

Kapu Kai
Open: March 12th
Pro: March 19th
Wave: Sunset Board: shortboard

Bundoran Reef
Open: April 9th
Pro: April 16th
Wave: Pipeline
Board: shortboard

Monkey Cove
Open: May 7th
Pro: 14th
Wave: Maverick
Board: longboard

Tsunami Beach
Open: June 11th
Pro: June 18th
Wave: Cortes
Board: shortboard

Wave Report Updates

If you have a surfing beach you'd like added to the SurfWatch Wave Report, contact Kantbe Thursday and she can add you to the list, as well as to the teleporters placed at various locations spotlighting the Wave Report surfing beaches!  Pack a lunch, take a surfin' safari, and make the rounds of the surfing beaches - then send us your surfing pictures and thoughts!  We'll post your surfin' safari in SurfWatch!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flashback! January 23, 2008

What was happening this week in 2008? Click the link and take a stroll down memory lane! You will find the scores from a VSA comp, a surf report on Bundoran Reef, and a Surfing in SL 101 class with great info!