Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surf Jam 14 Results!

photos courtesy Galagan Raymaker

Surf Jam 14 Results of Saturday, February 6, 2010:


1st Place:  MarkFoo Waverider ' 17.50000
2nd Place:  Sunrize Mornington ' 17.33333
3rd Place:  WickedV Carver ' 17.16667
Desirae Beaumont ' 16.50000
Bobbi Laval ' 16.83333

Competition Scores:


Colleen Brennan ' 14.33333
Snapple Sneerwe ' 13.83333
Mariposa Bigboo ' 11.50000
Bodhi Lowtide ' 14.33333
MarkFoo Waverid ' 14.66667


Desirae Beaumon ' 15.83333
Robbin Ember ' 0.000000
Sunrize Morning ' 15.66667
Mick Lunasea ' 13.00000
Lynda Mimulus ' 15.16667


Abel Halderman ' 14.50000
Angelle Aluveau ' 15.33333
Bobbi Laval ' 16.66667
Figger Arun ' 13.16667
Cloudy Matova ' 13.33333


WickedV Carver ' 16.00000
Crusader Arado ' 14.00000
Coolkat Delicio ' 15.16667
Tanya Sideways ' 14.50000
Devinna Toll ' 14.33333


Quench Spotter ' 14.33333
Georgette Jonso ' 13.16667
followingwaves ' 15.50000
Desne Aabye ' 13.66667
Hummer Lefavre ' 13.33333



MarkFoo Waverid ' 16.16667
Bodhi Lowtide ' 13.16667
Sunrize Mornington ' 15.50000
Angelle Aluveau ' 14.66667
Coolkat Delicio ' 14.33333
Quench Spotter ' 14.50000


Colleen Brennan ' 15.66667
Desirae Beaumon ' 16.50000
Bobbi Laval ' 16.16667
WickedV Carver ' 16.16667
followingwaves ' 15.83333

SurfSide Hideaway Events for the Week

Come join us for at a fun, relaxed time at Surfside Hideway and dance in the beach's tide pool. Come in your favorite beach wear, come dressed casually, come dressed formally, come as you are..... just come!

Sunday 2/7

1 PM SLT Kitzie Lane

Monday 2/8
1 PM SLT SLavE Girls
2 PM SLT Tauri Tigerpaw
3 PM SLT Cree Cybertar

Tuesday 2/9

3 PM SLT Hayduke Schnook

Wednesday 2/10

1 PM SLT Lexie Luan
2 PM SLT Zorch Boomhauer
3 PM SLT CharlieO Michigan

Friday, February 5, 2010

SurfJam 14 heat Draws for Saturday, February 6, 2010

as of Friday, February 5, 2010

Heat draws for SurfJam (SJ) 14 scheduled for Saturday, February 6, 2010, at Mori, epic wave, surfers' choice board:

HEAT 1 - 12 SLT

1. Colleen Brennan ( RED )
2. Snapple Sneerwell ( BLUE )
3. Mariposa Bigboots ( GREEN )
4. Bodhi Lowtide (ORANGE )
5. MarkFoo Waverider (PURPLE )

HEAT 2 - 12:40 SLT

1. Desirae Beaumont ( RED )
2. Robbin Ember ( BLUE )
3. Sunrize Mornington( GREEN )
4. Mick Lunasea (ORANGE )
5. Lynda Mimulus

HEAT 3 - 13:20 SLT

1. Abel Halderman ( RED )
2. Angelle Aluveaux ( BLUE )
3. Bobbi Laval ( GREEN )
4. Figger Arun(ORANGE )
5. Cloudy Matova ( PURPLE )

HEAT 4 - 14:00 SLT

1. WickedV Carver ( RED )
2. Crusader Arado( BLUE )
3. Coolkat Delicioso ( GREEN )
4. Tanya Sideways (ORANGE )
5. Devinna Toll (PURPLE )

HEAT 5 - 14:40 SLT

1. Quench Spotter (RED )
2. Georgette Jonson (BLUE)
3. followingwaves Sirbu (GREEN )
4. Desne Aabye (ORANGE)
5. Hummer Lefavre (BLACK )

SurfWatch In World Edition Volume 4

Coming in-world March 2010, be on the lookout for SurfWatch In World Edition Volume 4!  SurfWatch looks back at the past two years of Second Life surfing and looks forward to what the future may bring!  Be a part of SL surfing history - pick up your copy on SW stands March 1, 2010!

SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Photo Contest

SurfWatch is celebrating 2 years of watching the Second Life (SL) surf and SL surfer and renouned artist,  Bobbi Laval, will be coordinating a surf and beach photo contest!  Here's the information you  need to know:

How to enter:

Submit your photo on a prim to Bobbi Laval with modify and transfer permissions.

You may submit a texture instead, but it must have full perms and you must send it along with a notecard specifying what aspect ratio of photo is. Bobbi will send you an IM or notecard to verify that your entry has been recieved.

Make sure your full name is in the desciption of the prim or texture you enter.

Entry deadline will be midnight Febuary 20th at Midnight.

Entries are limited to first 20 entries received before midnight on the 20th.

Photos must be surf or beach theme or related.

Manipulated or Photoshoped images are ok but the main image or concept must be based or have been taken in-world within SecondLife.

Photos must have been created by the person entering the contest.

Only one entry per person allowed.

All decisions by photo contest coordinator shall be final.

Judging will be done by a 3 person panel and by popular vote. Popular vote will count as one judges opinion.

In the case of a tie highest judges opinion will be the tie breaker.

After all entries are received they will be put on display at SurfWatch Headquarters and be available for viewing and voting.

Entrants may be disqualified if it becomes known they are trying to manipulate or stack votes.


Lindens and prizes will be awarded as follows;

$L 1000 for first place

$L 500 for second place

$L 250 for third place

Trophy plaques originally and specially designed by Bobbi Laval for top three places
Surf Watch commenorative watches for top three
Grand prize winner will also receive space in next show at Laval Photography Gallery
And finalists will receive mention and a write up in SurfWatch.

Judge Panel:

Bobbi Laval

Bobbi has been surfing and an active member of the surfing community since the first SLSA season in 2007. She has surfed in every SLSA event never finishing a season outside of the top 10. More recently, she has become known for her photography and conceptual art and digital paintings. She has shown her work at several major galleries around Second Life with very positive critical aclaim.

Zeno Ochs

Zeno Ochs, sculptor in RL Builder in SL and photgrapher in both, has been building and curating art galleries in SL since 2006. His island, Gemini Elysia, is home to eight resident artists, 20 showing artists and 9 galleries, forming the core of Vertex Art Group. Zeno loves good art, fast women, pounding surf, and pizza.

Lucy Eberhart
Lucy Eberhart is a Master Pro Photographer here in SL and is the PhotoLIFE team leader. She has been an active photographer for two years within SL. She has a background in graphic design in RL as well. Besides being a photographer she is also a producer for Metaverse Broadcasting Corporation and the entertainment editor for ICON magazine.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Celebration - Surfboard Art Contest

Think you have the skill to create the best surfboard art in Second Life (SL)?  Then enter SurfWatch's 2 Year Anniversary Celebration Surfboard Art Contest!  Entrants will have from now thru Saturday, February 20, to come to Stables (84, 187, 21) and set up their boards on the display stands that are in front of SurfWatch Headquarters. Send your name and the name of your entry to Mick Lunasea.  20 entries will be accepted, with a max of 2 entries per individual. So enter now!  (Contact Tauri Tigerpaw if you need help with board placement.) 

On Saturday, February 20, we will open the competition to voting. One vote, one person. Just come by and click on the 1 board you think is the best!  Voting will be open thru Saturday, Feb 27, noon SLT. Winner is by popular vote. In the event of a tie, Mick Lunasea, Marianna Monentes and Tauri Tigerpaw will vote the tiebreaker.
Mick will announce the winner on Saturday, February 27, at 7:30 PM SLT time:

1st place - 1000L, trophy, and Surf Watch
2nd place - 500L, trophy, and Surf Watch
3rd place - 250L, trophy and Surf Watch

The trophies are specially handcrafted creations by Mick Lunasea
The Surf Watch was designed by one of our official merchandisers, Moontan Valeeva of Moontan Jewelry and will not be available to the general public until March 2010
SurfWatch will do a write up and pictures of the winners, showcasing their designs
For more details, contact Mick Lunasea, Surfboard Art Contest Coordinator.

Mick Lunasea:

Born Surf City 2007, Mick Lunasea graduated Surf City High School having been voted most likely to belly flop. He attended Gridwide Surfing University under the study of Robin Mapp, Milo Voss and Abel Haldeman. He graduated with Surfing Cum Lately honors. He established Surfcrazy Surf Shop in 2007, selling classic and fresh surf gear and has taught several Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) surfers the finer points of SL surfing. He served briefly as an SLSA Director and has been a special contributor to Surfwatch with his Surfing 101 series. He was partnered to the beautiful Revlon Benoir on July 4, 2009. They have no children but considered adopting twins Q and V but Revy's concerned about Corona beer bill.

Real Estate: Goombah Land Special

Goombah Land is offering SurfWatch readers a very special deal!  Contact Danielle Idigo and ask for the SurfWatch Special, available for a limited time only!

Goombah currently has 36 homestead sims right now and growing.  All the sims are connected by water canals for endless swimming and boating, surfable waves, scuba diving, community center and horseback riding trails, just to name a few of the reasons why you should consider living at Goombah!

Currently available:
2 HS sims
Several combinations of property sizes

Contact Dani now and find out how you can live at the beautiful Goombah complex!  And ask for the SurfWatch Special!

Second Life Surfing Association Announces 2010 Season 1 Venues

Per the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) site:  The five sims selected were given a unanimous 5 votes from all the Directors.  Dates were selected so as not to clash with any pre-arranged events already planned by the surf community.

Mori Pwani
February 13th - Pro
epic, longboard
February 20th - Invitational
epic, longboard

Bundoran WOI (Pipes & Fluffs)
March 20 - Pro
March 27 - Invitational

Monkey Cove (Sunset 200)
April 10 - Pro
April 17 - Invitational

Stables (Fluffy only)
May 15 - Pro
May 22 - Invitational

Archipelago (Montego Title)(multiple waves)
June 12 - Pro
June 19 - Invitational

The boards for the last 4 comps will be announced soon

For updates and registration news, please visit the SLSA Forum at:

*Registration for Mori opens on Sunday Feb. 7th, noon SLT

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bobbi Laval Speaks

Seascape Discussion

Pyramid Gallery
Wednesday, Feb 3, 6 PM SLT

Bobbi Laval will be at Pyramid Gallery for a discussion on SL surfing and her surfing and seascape art. Come learn the story behind the art and the techniques used to create the works.

Mari's Mailbag - First Competition

How many of you remember that first competition? Every single one of you, I am sure. For me, my knees were weaker than I think they ever have been even in Real Life (RL). I think it was mostly not knowing exactly what to expect. I know all I needed to do is ask and someone would have told me all the things I would encounter. Like watching for my name to be called to the beach in open chat. I remember learning that - think it was day of competition. Was such a hoot!! Being called and then flying down to the beach where we were to rez our boards and wait to be told to paddle out by the marshall. Then there is the line-up...making sure you get behind the correct surfer. Making sure you don't chat away in open chat for more than one reason. Leaving it open while trying to execute a trick doesn't cut the judges wouldn't appreciate all the chatter too much. I remember one competition where I was heat 5 , surfer 5, and everyone took the last wave and was ready to party before I took mine...that was funny!! So many fond memories, and I would never change it for a second. For those of you who never competed, you simply must! It is such a rush! Memories you will forever keep with you. For those of you who have surfed on and have excelled to the next level, my hats off to you!! You deserve to be praised, takes not only guts but excellent dexterity!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ashleigh Dickins Wins Dating Casino

In one of the most hilarious episodes to hit The Dating Casino, Second Life's match making dating show, Ashleigh Dickins and Dr. Occum took the honors with the most matching answers and won the fabulous resort date!  Check it out at

Your Invitation to the SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

SurfWatch is proud to invite you to our 2 year anniversary celebration!  Mark your calendars for a day of fun on Saturday, February 27, 2010, from 9 AM SLT to 9 PM SLT at Southend and Stables.  The day's activities will include wave demonstrations, guest speakers, singers, DJs, a comedian, surf videos, vendors, beach and summer wear fashion show, a mini surf competition, a surf photo art contest, a surfboard art design contest, fireworks and much more!  We look forward to celebrating our 2 year birthday with you!  Trophies, cash and a very special annniversary celebration gift to be awarded!

If you are a surfboard or wave vendor interested in displaying at the event, please contact Event Director, Mari Monentes.

If you have a surfing video or are interested in making a 60 second video commercial for display at the event, on youtube, and in future SurfWatch video productions, please contact Tauri Tigerpaw or Aeryn Kidd. 

If you are an SL photographer and are interested in entering your work in the surf and beach photo competition, please contact Bobbi Laval.  Cash prizes, trophies and more!  More details on this to be posted in SurfWatch soon.

If you are an SL surfboard art designer and are interested in entering your work in the surfboard art design contest, please contact Mick Lunasea.  Cash prizes, trophies and more!  More details on this to be posted in SurfWatch soon.

If you are interested in more information on the beach fashion event, please contact Emma Portilo.

If you are an SL surfer interested in competing in a very special different mini surfing competition, be sure to watch for more information on the Surfwatch mini competition taking place on the day of the party!  Cash prizes, trophies and more!

Mark your calendars and consider this your personal invitation to come celebrate with SurfWatch!  Watch SurfWatch for more details and information or contact Mari Monentes for specific information.

SurfWatch In-World Edition

Coming March 1, 2010 - SurfWatch In-World Edition Vol. 4!

Exposure...advertise to a growing market. SL surfing is one of the fastest growing activities in SL and SurfWatch is the premier news source for everything related to SL surfing, at with 24/7 exposure and live SL surf world coverage, and in our SurfWatch In-World Edition hard copy magazine currently published quarterly. This 4th volume, coming out March 1, 2010, is celebrating a Surfwatch milestone! Surfwatch turns 2 this year, and we'll be featuring a lot of fun information and looks back and forward!

If you're interested in being a part of Surfwatch history and gaining exposure for your business, please contact Ashleigh Dickins. Just let us know what suits your needs and send the appropriately sized graphic to with a subject pertaining to Surfwatch ads.  If you have more questions please feel free to contact us!

Affordable and effective, there are several ways to advertise with SurfWatch!

In-World Edition:

These advertisements will be published in the next available in-world publication. If you would like to request a specific quarter for publication, please let us know and we can discuss upcoming release dates.

2 pages spread - $3,000L - size: 768x512
1 page - $2,000L - size: 384x512
1/2 page wide - $1,200L - size: 384x256
1/2 page tall - $1,000L - size: 192x512
1/3 page column - $500L - size: 128x512
1/8 page blurb - $300L - size: 192x128
All sizes are width x height

Combo Packs

Epic - 2 page spread, 1 review, and 2 week run in sidebar - $4,500L
Pipes - 1 page spread, 1 review, and 1 week run in sidebar - $3,000L
Fluffy - 1/2 page orientation choice, 1 week run in sidebar - $2,000L
Sea spray - 1/3 page column, 4 day run in sidebar - $900L
Ripples - 1/8 page blurb, 1 announcement or review - $400L

Monday, February 1, 2010

West of Ireland Celebrates Celtic Waves with SurfBoard Design Contest

West of Ireland (WOI), Second Life (SL) –
As its third anniversary in SL approaches, the West of Ireland charity estate is celebrating with a new design for the loaner surfboards that are provided on its surfing beaches. A texture design competition will be held to determine the new signature look of the surfboards. The winning design will receive a voucher for a fully modifiable SSi Surfboard Template donated by Sebastian Saramago of Surf Systems Inc. - a 2500L$ value. WOI features several quality surfing beaches including Bundoran Reef, Neart, and Crab Island.

Competition details and specifications are available from contest signs placed around the West of Ireland estate and at a variety of surfing-related sims whose owners are graciously supporting this effort. There is a $L300 entry fee for each submitted design. Entries will be accepted beginning February 1st, and must be submitted no later than midnight SLT February 18th to be considered. All proceeds from the contest will be donated to the real world charity Project Children.

Up to five designs will be chosen from the initial entries by a panel consisting of an artist, a representative from the WOI, and a representative from the surfing community. Designs will be chosen based on how well they meet the required WOI design specifications, originality, style, and artistic quality. The selected designs will be placed on display along the boardwalk to the west of Nancy Blake's Pub on the border of the West of Ireland and Bundoran Reef sims by February 27. The public are encouraged to view the designs, and vote for their favorite. Voting will continue until shortly before Noon on March 18th, during WOI’s Annual Festival of Saint Patrick. The winning design will be announced that afternoon during Desirae Beaumont's DJ show at Nancy Blake's, which will begin at Noon SLT. The winning design will also be posted on the blog SurfWatch and the West of Ireland’s website.

Useful SLURLS:
West Of Ireland, Nancy Blake’s Pub . . .

Important Links:

The West of Ireland is a Second Life charity estate created to support the programs of the South Texas Celtic Music Association (STCMA), a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States. Additionally, the West of Ireland has been approved by Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, as a certified nonprofit.

The mission of the West of Ireland is to promote Irish and Celtic culture within Second Life and raise awareness of Project Children, while providing guests and community members with an entertaining and welcoming environment and to raise funds for Project Children.

Project Children is an international organization that takes children from Northern Ireland on summer trips to stay with host families in the United States. Catholic and Protestant children are brought together in a calm and multi-cultural environment in an effort to overcome the stronghold of prejudices that have burdened Northern Ireland for so long. The South Texas Celtic Music Association (STCMA) raises funds for Project Children at its annual Celtic Music Festival and through the Second Life West of Ireland charity estate to pay the transportation costs for children participating in Project Children. For information on Project Children:

SurfWatch Traffic Reports

SurfWatch is monitoring all the traffic to help you find the fastest route to your surfing destination.  Avoid jam ups, pile ups, and dead stops.  Watch for the SurfWatch traffic chopper at your location!  Surfwatch - in the tube and on it!

Mari Weather

Reporting on weather conditions from all the hottest surfing locations, be on the look out for our own Marianna Monentes as she braves hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, hail, lightning, and other weather extremes to bring you the conditions you can expect to find on the beach!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

SurfSide Hideaway - Events for the Week

SurfSide Hideaway Events
Week of 1/31/10
Come join us for at a fun, relaxed time at Surfside Hideway and dance in the beach's tide pool. Come in your favorite beach wear, come dressed casually, come dressed formally, come as you are..... just come!

We're a fan-funded venue and these artists clearly perform because they enjoy what they do and love doing this for their fans!

Sunday 1/31/10
1 PM SLT Kitzie Lane
2 PM SLTGroucho March

Monday 2/1/10

1 PM SLT SLavE Girls
2 PM SLT Tauri Tigerpaw

Tuesday 2/2/10
3 PM SLT Hayduke Schnook

Wednesday 2/3/10
12:30 PM SLT Maia Chrome
1 PM SLT Lexie Luan
2 PM SLT Zorch Boomhauer
3 PM SLT CharlieO Michigan

Australian Surfing Association Video

Share in the exciting Australian Surfing Association (ASA) competition of Saturday, January 30, 2010, courtesy Aquaelle Lane, Second Life (SL) videographer and member of the SL Surfing Association (SLSA) media group:

Australian Surfing Association Competition Results

The results of the Saturday, January 30, 2010, Australian Surfing Association (ASA) competition:

First Place - Lynda Mimulus
Second Place - Robbin Ember
Third Place - Rain Tigerfish

Final Scores:

Crusader Arado ' 9.833333
Lynda Mimulus ' 16.00000
Robbin Ember ' 13.83333
Rain Tigerfish ' 13.50000
Rayzza Rubble ' 12.00000
Mick Lunasea ' 0.000000
Countess Decost ' 0.000000
Dixon Martian ' 13.16667
Figger Arun ' 13.16667

Kekoa's World...

Share the love of Second Life (SL) surfing thru the eyes of long time surfer,Waterbaby and videographer, Kekoa Arbizu: