Friday, January 14, 2011

Surfing with Lissa

After deciding that taking a break from reading about thermadynamics would keep my remaining two braincells alive, I decided this surfer girl needed some sun! I dug my kini out of the drawer, grabbed my board, and loaded up the woody. Where to go?

First stop: Topanga where the waves are a bit mushy for my taste
but if you like fluffies this is the place to be. Fluffies and I haven't gotten along in the almost 4 yrs I have been inworld so moving on.

Next stop: Visiwa where the beach is gorgeous! No waves to surf but I did make a new friend and found out the lifeguards do not have a sense of humor when you tell them someone is drowning and then take their seat! Great view tho!

Ok, one more stop on my search for the perfect set of waves today! Where to next?

Found it! Flowers surrounding a quaint fire where I can sit and dry off before heading home. Phoenix Sanctuary is located at The wave is running and it is calling my name...til later, surf!

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