Monday, January 3, 2011

Time to Say Goodbye to Another Old Friend

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Y'all, it's with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I make this post, especially since I've been so involved with West of Ireland and especially Neart for the past couple of years. Ibrew Meads, CEO of West of Ireland made the following announcement to the Reef Riders team today (Monday, January 3rd):

"We are sad to announce that due to Linden Lab price increases for charities we have to close Neart forever this Saturday the 8th.

We are working on moving the epic wave to Bundy and we will be keeping Bundy open so there will still be surfing in the West of Ireland. Crab will also remain open. We will be moving most of the other items from Neart to other parts of the West of Ireland.

But Neart will be gone after Saturday, so please come on by and say goodbye to our old friend before she's gone forever."

West of Ireland has been working for the past few months with Linden Labs to keep as much open as possible, but their charity status is a double edged sword in that their priority for income is providing funds to War Child North America. By discontinuing their educational and charity sim tier discounts, Linden Labs has left West of Ireland no options for maintaining the sims of their estates as they have in the past.

Please come by Neart in this last week, surf one of the few remaining classic Epics, and say your good byes. If you've never been there before, nows your chance to get in a last few rides in the cold Irish waters.

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Laval

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Dee Waverider said...

I'm gutted :(

Neart has always been a very special surf spot for me, I'm gonna miss it terribly. I have many a time idly surfed Neart whilst coming up with board designs. It's definitely managed to become a virtual place of thoughts. ~Peace~