Saturday, January 22, 2011

1/22/11 Saturday 5 P.M. SLT

Please join us for this Grand opening of 'THE GARDEN". An award winning Kabuki play in our new home of Pontocho. Be sure to touch the scrib-o-matic to hear about scheduled performances, future plays and fan dances. We can also cater to your private group or friends. Contact me or LuckyMoon Jiagu

Experience Private entertianment by the Pontocho Maiko and ..kabuki theater and bi-annual geisha performances and more.......a beautiful sim. Under the direction of Kitty Pidgeon & Kokimi Ushimawa

Night Surfing at Jaws!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mari's Mailbag: Kait Scores High

I just love getting the IM from surfers saying, "Mari, I made finals!!" Thats what just happened recently with the funniest gal I know, Kait Seetan. She surfed in the Tsunami PCX Tandem Challenge VIII with Robbin Ember and they received a 13.16 score !!!

When I first met Kait, she was still learning trix of SL and I
wanted to teach her surfing. She learned quickly and in no time at all was forced into yes, forced. She didn't want to. I kept telling her what did she have to lose? She explained her RL was too busy to compete. So one day she comes to me and says "Mari, I have more time, I think I will compete!" She has been since and doing exceptionally well.

So we are here to say compete if you can. It's such a rush. The friends you meet are usually the forever kind in surfing. Dedication and lots of practice will pay off too. Teach all you know to everyone you can and one day you will be hearing they made finals...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Surfing with Lissa

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road, Hi again! I'm off searching for a sweet spot to surf once again. Join me and lets surf!

I heard the waves are sweet at Pirate Point Break so I headed over there where the epic waves are truly running! After taking in a few runs, I found some nice quiet spots to sit and rest and did some shopping while there as well. A girl can never have too many boards or kinis!

Next stop is Peach Pie Resort on Wolf! Dual unsynced pipes run on this sim making for a challenge if you wanna ride them both. I chose to sit this one out and watch VW Sands and Abel Halderman show me how pipes are done.

Just in time to catch the sunset, I find Kilkee in the County Clare of Ireland. Fluffies roll into shore in shark infested waters. I don't have my wet suit so pulling up some sand, I sit back and enjoy the sunset.

Have a place you would like featured? IM me inworld and let me know about your secret surf spot!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Linden Lab Announces 42 Groups In Effect Now!

Linden Labs has officially announced the ability to have up to 42 groups now. Please check out for more info. Third-Party Viewers may also have this ability so check with them!

I'm off to load up on all my surf groups that I have had to keep declining in order to keep some others that are needed. Whoo hoo!

Lissa Pinion
Editor in Chief

Tsunami PCX Tandem Challenge VIII Scores!

pics and scores courtesy of Abel Halderman


1. Sunrize Mornington &Maldrul Morris 14.33

2. Mick Lunasea & MarkFoo Waverider 13.33

3. Kait Seetan & Robbin Ember 13.16

Semi 1

Kait Seetan & Robbin Ember 13.50**

Donni Dibou & Bulle Admiral 13.33

Semi 2

Nash Laville & CoolKat Delicioso 14.33

Sunrize Mornington &Maldrul Morris 15.83**

Semi 3

Kimmy Jigsaw & Luscious Starship 12.83

Mick Lunasea & MarkFoo Waverider 13.83**

Heat 1

Dmilso Olivieri & Sparkie Cyberstar 11.50

Nash Laville & CoolKat Delicioso 11.83*

Jayden Domenici & Ceedi Doghouse 11.50

Kait Seetan & Robbin Ember 13.83*

Heat 2

Kimmy Jigsaw & Luscious Starship 13.16*

Donni Dibou & Bullet Admiral 10.66*

Followingwaves Sirbu & Colleen Brennan 10.33

Heat 3

Sunrize Mornington &Maldrul Morris 16.00*

Mick Lunasea & MarkFoo Waverider 14.16*

Kristen Wrydan & Rayzza Rubble 13.33

* went on to Semi's

** went on to Finals